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Drycleaning & Laundry Institute Textile Testing Laboratory

14700 Sweitzer Lane

Laurel, MD 20707 US

Drycleaning & Laundry Institute Textile Testing Laboratory Services:

*AATCC TM 96 Dimensional changes in Commercial Laundering of Woven and Knitted Fabrics Except Wool

*AATCC TM 135 Dimensional Changes of Fabrics after Home Laundering

*AATCC TM 150 Dimensional Changes of Garments after Home Laundering

*AATCC TM 158 Dimensional Changes on Drycleaning in Perchloroethylene:

*Machine Method

*AATCC TM 132 Colorfastness to Drycleaning - subject fabric to textile industry approved equipment to evaluate overall color changes or if dye transfers to other fibers.

*AATCC TM 61 Colorfastness to Laundering, Home and Commercial: Accelerated: evaluate colorfastness of fabric to washing.

Flammability testing:
*Children's Sleepwear 16 CFR 1615; 16 CFR 1616
*Wearing Apparel 16 CRF 1610, CS 191053
*NFPA 701 Flammability, Small-Scale

Thread count:
* ASTM D 3775 for woven fabrics
* ASTM D 3887 for knit fabrics

Fabric weight:
*ASTM D 3776

Yarn construction:
ASTM D 1059

Stain release testing:
*AATCC 130 Soil Release: Oily Stain Release Method
*AATCC 175 Stain Resistance: Pile Floor Coverings

Textile damage:
*Chemical Residual Analysis - spot tests suggested by AATCC and DLI experts to determine current condition of the fabric.
*AATCC TM 81 pH of the Water-Extract from Wet Processed Textiles.
*Appearance and analysis
*Tensile strength: ASTM D 5034
*Tear strength: ASTM D 1424 or ASTM D 2261
*Resistance to pilling: ASTM 3512