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Laboratory Profile: Colorado HistoPrep

Colorado HistoPrep Services :

Hitology, Histopathology, Patholody, quality slides, clinical chemistry and hematology data and fully integrated and detailed seamless pathology reports. * Histopathology o Trimming, embedding, processing, microtomy, including cryosectioning o Staining, including H&E, special stains and IHC * Clinical Pathology o Clinical Chemistry o Hematology o Urinalysis * Specialized Histopathology o Ocular o Decalcification including arthritis models o Device and implants including muscular, vaginal and subcutaneous o Fish, rodent, canine, equine, bovine, primate.

Congo Red amyloid Toluidine Blue mast cells Phospho Tungstic Acid Hematoxylin collagen/fibrin Giemsa mast cells & blood smears Gomori's iron pigments Grocott's Methenamine Silver fungus Masson's Trichrome collagen/fibrin Oil Red O fat Periodic Acid Schiff glycogen Acid Fast bacteria Gram bacteria Immunohistochemical several

702 W. Drake Rd.

Fort Collins, CO 80525 US