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Laboratory Profile: Clintox Bioservices

Clintox Bioservices Services :

In-Vivo Studies: Animal models are used to elicit the proof of therapeutic principle and study PK/PD. The following studies are routinely undertaken at our facility. Acute Toxicology: Repeated Dose / Sub-Acute Toxicology studies: Sub Chronic Studies: Chronic Studies: Reproductive & Developmental Toxicity: Local Toxicity studies: Allerginicity / Hypersensitivity studies: Genotoxicity / Mutagenicity Studies: Carcinogenicity studies: Immunotoxicity: In-Vitro Studies: Cell cultures and isolated tissues or organs are used to deternine the molecular mechanisms of action and targets. Clintox is presently entering this field of predicctive toxicology studies using microarray technology. We are currently establishing a state-of-the-art microarray facility in strategic partnership with a leading player in this field. At our facility, we will offer the following services: In-Vivo Studies In-Vitro Studies

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