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Charles River Laboratories

358 Technology Drive

Malvern, PA 82152 US

Charles River Laboratories Services:

Charles River Laboratories offers Pharmaceutical Research, Preclinical Research, Research Models & Services, Discovery Research Services, Preclinical Services, Biopharmaceutical Services, Endotoxin Detection & Microbial Identification, Avian Vaccine Services, Chemicals, Agro & Vet, Genetically Engineered Model Services, Drug Discovery, Lead Optimization & Candidate Selection, In Vivo Pharmacology, In Vitro Pharmacology, Clinical Pathology, Toxicology, Clinical Toxicology, Clinical Pathology, Endotoxin Detection, Microbial Identification, Biopharmaceutical Services, Viral Clearance Studies, Bioassays, Contamination Testing, Impurity Testing, Cell Line Testing, Genotyping, Zygosity Testing, Non-GLP Toxicology, ADME Screening, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamic Testing, PK Study, PK Screening, Biomarker Testing, Assay Validation, Bioanalysis, Radiochemistry Testing, Hematology Testing, Anatomical MRI, Diffusion MRI, fMRI & phMRI, Hemodynamic MRI, Localized 1H-MRS, MR System Software, Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography