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Laboratory Profile: Centricor Analytical Labs LLC

Centricor Analytical Labs LLC Services :

Analytical Testing, Deformulation Testing, Reverse Engineering Testing, Organic Analysis, Inorganic Analysis.

Routine Organic and Inorganic Analysis

Metals (most elements from the periodic table) Salt or anions Halogen-chloride, fluoride, bromide, iodide Nitrate, nitrite Sulfate, sulfite, thiosulfate Phosphate, polyphosphate Thiocyanate Citrate, oxalate Organic acids Sugars, carbohydrates Cations and organic amines Organic chemical analysis with different instruments Polymer Molecular weight comparison with GPC Particle size distribution (0.1 micron to 350 micron) Physical properties analysis by DSC and TGA

trace analysis to identify major and minor components of:

Regulated Chemicals Heavy metals Hexavalent Chromium - Cr(VI) Volatile Organic Compounds - VOCs Formaldehyde (AATCC method, Japan 112 method, As Is) Polychlorinated Biphenyls - PCBs Primary Aromatic Amines Phthalates Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons - PAHs Pesticides Flame retardants Volatile and semi-volatile compounds including acids (phenolics) and bases (neutral) Pollutants Contaminants Impurities Hazardous Waste By-Products Residues Odors

Mass spectrometry Spectrophotometry Particle size measurement Thermogravimetric analysis Sample extraction Chromatography Titration analysis Colorimetric studies Viscosity measurement Cryogenic grinding Plastics: blooming, migration, contamination, degradation Textiles: spotting on fabric, contamination Paper: optical brightener degradation, polyfluoro chemicals (total fluoride) quantification, paper mill residue Pigments and Inks: contamination, heavy metals, hexavalent chromium, PCB etc. Surfactants: contamination, precipitation, stability problems, quality comparison

Our fully-equipped lab can analyze samples of finished products or raw materials including:

Additives and Surfactants Building Materials Dyes and Colorants Electronics Chemicals Food and Beverages Health and Beauty Aids Metal Finishing Products Paper and Packaging Pesticides and Biocides Pharmaceutical Intermediates Pigments and Inks Plastics, Polymers and Films Soil and/or Waste Textiles and Leather

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