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Laboratory Profile: Capzer Pharmaceuticals

Capzer Pharmaceuticals Services :

Pharmaceutical Testing, Microbiology Testing, Food Testing, Nutraceutical Testing, Assay & impurities (development & validation), Dissolution (automated & capable of high-thru-put testing sample using UV-Vis spectrophotometer), Residual Solvents (development & validation; USP <467>), Analysis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Raw materials, Finished Products (development & validation), Development of trace analytical method to detect organic compound or DNA adducts in Biological samples, using high resolution GC-TOF-MS, Small scale synthesis of small and large molecules, Total Organic Carbon (TOC), USP/NF Monograph method, Water Testing, Detection of Coliform, Total Aerobic Microbial Count, Total Coliform, Fecal Coliform, Escherichia coli, Microbial Limit Testing and other active ingredients, Food beverages, Dairy products, Cosmetics

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Lake Worth, FL 33461 US