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BioVolutions Inc.

One Presidential Way

Woburn, MA 01801 US

BioVolutions Inc. Services:

Drug Discovery, Pharmaceutical Preformulation, Pharmaceutical Formulation, Nanotechnology, Cell Development, Bioassay Development, Cell Culture Product Development, Cell culture process development, Upstream process, Downstream process, Analytical method evalution, Quality assurance, Biophysical characterization, Rapid screening, Compatibility testing, Formulation, Process development, Lyophilization, Tech transfer, Peptides and antibody drug conjugates Ligand-targeted liposomes, Ligand-targeted nanoparticles, Sterile formulations, Topical: Liquids, solutions, suspensions, gels, emulsions, Liposomes Micelles, Micro/nanoparticles, Microsuspensions, Microemulsions, Micro/nanocapsules, Hydrogels, Organogels, Prodrugs, Liquid, Lyophilized, Dispersed systems, Injectable, Topical, Formulation Characterization Services, complex peptide or protein formulations such as: Aggregation, Solubility, Stability, Yield, Permeability, Nanobiotechnology, Nanotechnology Formulation, Therapeutic mABs, Skin Permeability and Toxicity, Oral and Intestinal Permeability and Toxicity, Ocular Permeability and Toxicity, Vaginal Permeability and Toxicity