Laboratory Profile: Best American Toxicology Testing Services

Best American Toxicology Testing Services Services :

GLP and NON GLP preclinical toxicology LD-50, ELISA Maximum tolerated dose (MTD) Acute Toxicity Subchronic Toxicity Chronic Toxicity Single dose range-finding and acute toxicity studies Repeated Dose Sensitization Irritation carcinogenicity studies UVA/UVB SPF DETERMINATION in vitro testing Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, & Excretion (ADME) Chemical Pathology Dose Range Determination Dose Confirmation/Analysis Preclinical Efficacy BATTS Laboratories has particular expertise in preclinical evaluations of adjuvants and vaccines Cosmetics testing: SPF UVA/UVB evaluation in vitro and in vivo, penetration, skin toxicity, eye irritation, corrosion, RIP tests, hydration and moisture, photostability.