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Laboratory Profile: Bently Tribology Services, Inc.

Bently Tribology Services, Inc. Services :

Oil Analysis: Turbines, Engines, Hydraulics, Compressors, Lubricants, Spectroscopy, Rotrode Filter Spectroscopy, Viscosity @ 40° C, FT-IR Spectroscopy, Automatic Particle Count, Total Acid Number, Karl Fischer Moisture, Freon, % by Weight,Lubricant Analysis, Spectroscopy by Atomic Emission (Inductively Coupled Plasma), Physical Properties, Wet Chemistry, Contamination, Wear Debris, Ferrography, Biodisel Testing,DoublecheckSM Oil analysis- Designed to detect equipment failure early DoublecheckSM Grease Analysis- for critical grease lubricated systems DoublecheckSM Filter analysis- Evaluate premature filter blockage/failure Synthetic lubricant analysis Lubricated equipment failure investigations Practical decision support for maintenance and reliability personnel High quality is a given, rapid turnaround Turbine Flushing Analytical Support

5 Lakeland Park Drive

Peabody, MA 01960-3835 US