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Laboratory Profile: Bay Bioanalytical Laboratory, Inc.

Bay Bioanalytical Laboratory, Inc. Services :

HPLC, Mass Spectrometry, LC/MS/MS, ICP-MS, Polarimetry, GC, GC/MS,SDS PAGE, IEF, 2D-Gels, Nucleic Acid gels, Polymer analysis, Karl Fishcher Water Analysis, Protein Characterization, Protein Extinction Coefficient, Peptide mapping, Stuctural Elucidation, Molecular Weight distribution, Carbohydrate characterization, DNA Extinction Coefficient, Metabolite Analysis, Disulfide mapping, Quantitation of Impurities and degradation Products, Stability Studies, Bioanalytical, PK and TK, Formulation Assays, Accurate Mass by TOF-MS. Product Characterization, Release Testing, Raw Materials testing, Reference Standard Characterization, ICP-MS

551A Linus Pauling Dr.

Hercules, CA 94547 US