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Laboratory Profile: American International Biotechnology Services (AI Biotech)

American International Biotechnology Services (AI Biotech) Services :

AI Biotech operates a fully equipped and certified BSL-3 suite housing bacteriology and virology BSL3 laboratories. These latter laboratories contain all the proper equipment to grow, isolate and manipulate restricted organisms in a safe manner. AI Biotech houses individual laboratories for peptide synthesis, preparative RP HPLC, bioorganic chemistry, N- and C-terminal protein sequence analysis, amino acid analysis, general biochemistry, immunology and immunochemistry, cell and bacterial culture, calorimetry, and toxin analysis. With regard to DNA services, AI Biotech operates a high throughput DNA sequence laboratory, which is designed for genomic sequence analysis. Housed in this production lab are the DNA prep lab which contains liquid handling robots, centrifuges, shakers and other equipment for template prep work; the DNA reaction prep lab featuring hoods and pipetting areas, a pipetting robot for 96 well plates, thermal cyclers; and the DNA sequencing facility with capillary and gelbased sequencers and high density 96 well plate speed-vacs. Interspersed throughout the production laboratory are offices for senior scientists in charge of the production work and each office is outfitted with PC and Macintosh computers for analysis of data. AI Biotech now offers clinical testing for HPV, HHV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea Candida vaginitis, Bacterial vaginosis, free testosterone, and Vitamin D. All assays have been validated at AI Biotech. Finally, through its FIL division, AI Biotech offers a full complement of Genetic Identity and Forensic testing.

601 Biotech Drive

Richmond, VA 23225 US