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Laboratory Profile: Akron Rubber Development Laboratory India

Akron Rubber Development Laboratory India Services :

Physical Testing Services, Mechanical Testing Services:  Abrasion Testing  Adhesion Testing  Aging, Degradation & Fatigue Testing  Basic Physical Testing

Mixing & Compounding Services:  Compound & Process Development  Compounding & Mixing (Instrumented Banbury®)  Curing  Evaluative Testing  Molding  Mold Prototyping  Problem Solving  Processability Testing  Extrusion  Mooney Viscosity  Rheometer  Vulcanization  Weathering

Research & Development Services:  Comparative Research on Materials, Methods &Products  Compound Research & Development  Government Bids & Opportunity Notifications  Literature/Document Searching  Materials Research  Patent Searching  Product Information  Specification Research & Development ARDL Specializes in the Identification of:  Competitors' Products  Manufacturing Defects  Process Aids and Flame Retardants  Product Failures  Surface Blooms on Rubber, Plastic and TPEs  Unknown Materials, Blends and Contaminants  Waxes, Ester Plasticizers and Oils

B Block, 3rd Floor Plot, No.43A,

Kakkanadu, Kerala 682 037 IN