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Laboratory Profile: Accuratus Lab Services

Accuratus Lab Services Services :

Antimicrobial Testing Services: Efficacy Testing - Full Microbiology Testing Lab - Full Virology Testing Lab (BSL 3) - Disinfectant and Sanitizer Testing - Hand Sanitizer Testing - USP Testing - Antimicrobial Preservative Efficacy Testing - Antimicrobial Pesticide Device Testing - Custom Protocols

Full Analytical Chemistry Testing Services: Chemical Characterization - Physical Chemistry Testing - Storage Stability Testing - Method Validation

Disinfection Qualification Studies: Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Disinfection Qualification Studies - Medical Device Manufacturer Disinfection Qualification Studies - Expert Disinfectant Product Knowledge - Rigorous GLP Compliance - Site Specific Environmental Isolates - Protocols Tailored For Your Unique GMP Process

Genetic Microbial Identification Services: FDA Registered - cGMP Compliant - Fully Validated Database - Expert Analysis of Raw Data

Medical Device Testing: High Level Disinfectant & Liquid Chemical Sterilant Testing - Reusable Medical Device Cleaning and Disinfection Validations - Antimicrobial-Impregnated Medical Device Testing - Point-of-Care Device Cleaning & Disinfection Validation Studies

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