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ANP Technologies, Inc.

ANP Technologies, Inc. Services :

Nanobiotechnology Testing including: Large Molecule Bioanalytical Assay-Related Services, Customized immunogenicity (IM) assay method, development and kit production, Customized pharmacokinetic (PK) assay method development and kit production, Hybridoma generation, monoclonal and polyclonal affinity purification, Reagent conjugation ex., biotinylation, HRP/AP conjugation, Customized HyperBindTM Streptavidin ELISA plate manufacturing, Biodefense/Homeland Security-Related Services, Customized NIDSĀ® rapid, multiplexed assay development and production for various biothreat agents, Nanotechnology-based Protein Drug Delivery-Related Services, Customized protein delivery systems including PEGylated proteins or alike utilizing ANP Technologies' proprietary nano-delivery technology platform

Ligand-binding assays to support PK and TK studies Immunogenicity and NAb Assays Biomarker assays Cell-based assays Proliferation / inhibition assays to determine IC50 and EC50 Apoptosis Assays Hepatotoxicity Assays Functional T and B cell assays Isolation and characterization of T and B cells Natural Killer (NK) activity ADCC and CDC assays Primary cell isolation and culture Cell migration and differentiation Cell identification and characterizing (immunochemistry staining) Hybridoma production and cloning Molecular biology Detection of residual host DNA Virus detection by PCR Restriction map analysis Polymorphism and Genotyping Plasmid copy number determination Histology Tissue Special staining Immunohistochemistry Immunofluorescent microscopy In situ hybridization Imaging and image analysis

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