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ANAMA Package & Container Testing Services, Inc. Services:

- Fixed Displacement Vibration
- Random Vibration
- Sinusoidal Vibration
- Drop Testing
- Incline/Impact Testing
- Dynamic Compression Testing up to 30,000 LBS
- Environmental Conditioning (Hot & Cold, Humidity & Dry)
- Tensile & Elongation Testing (All Material Types)
- Burst, ECT, Bending Resistance, Basis Weight, Caliper, etc. on Corrugated and Paperboard
- UN, US DOT, IATA, ICAO, IMDG Hazmat POP Testing
- ISTA Procedures 1 through 7 Testing
- ASTM D 4169 Testing (Distribution Cycles 1 through 15)
- ISTA 6-FedEx-A & 6-FedEx-B Testing
- SAMS Club Ship Testing
Rule 181 - Furniture Package Performance Testing
- TAPPI Testing - Paper & Corrugated Board
- Accelerated Aging, ASTM D4329, D4587, ISO 4892 & UV Testing to ASTM G155, ASTM G154, ISO 4892
- Adhesive Testing (Peel, Sheer, Tensile, Bond, etc.)
- Seal Strength and Leak Integrity Testing of Porous or Non-Porous Flexible Packaging
- Plastic Film Tests (Shear & Peel Adhesion, Tensile, Elongation, Tack Resistance, Coefficient of Friction, etc.)
- Bottle Torque Evaluation 
- Capsule Seal Force Testing and Evaluation

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