International Laboratory Directories

Laboratory Profile: Columbia Analytical Services, Inc.


General Services: Groundwater Monitoring; Solid & Hazardous Waste; Wastewater & Sludge; Drinking Water; Metals (ICP/AA); ICP/MS; Wet Chemistry; HRGC/HRMS; GC; GC/MS; LC; LC/MS; or LC/MS/MS; Specialty Services: Air Quality: Ambient Air/Indoor Air; Landfill Gas/Soil Gas; MA APH RSK 175 & TPH/BTEX; VOAs & SVOAs; PCBs; PCB Homologs, total; Metals; Stack Analysis; and TO 14/TO 15. Chamber Analysis; Cluster Rule; Dioxin; Explosives; Industrial Hygiene; Elemental (CHNOS); Halogens, total; Proximate/Ultimate; PCB Congeners; Sediments; Low-Level Metals; Low-Level Organics; Methyl Mercury; Tributyltin. Pulp & Paper, Mobile Laboratories, Passive Sampling Devices.

1317 South 13th Avenue

Kelso, WA 98626 US