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Laboratory Profile: American International Biotechnology Services (AI Biotech)

Certifications, Accreditations, Licenses:

a. ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and forensic requirements for accreditation FRA 1and FRA 2, b. Forensic Quality Services, Inc. (FQS) accreditation for DNA forensic, and CODIS analyses., c. American Association of Blood Banking (AABB) accreditation for Paternity DNA, identify testing, d. New York State Accreditation for forensic analyses., e. Laboratory Quality Assurance Program (LQAP) for microbial forensics, f. College of American Pathologist (CAP) testing for performance of molecular, diagnostics, g. Basic Sentinel Lab of the Laboratory Response Network of Bioterrorism, h. Compliance with and certification by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act for analysis of Human samples, i. Select agent registration with the Centers of Disease Control and USDA, j. NRC accreditation for use of radionuclides, k. DEA approval for experimental use and storage of Schedule 1-6 controlled substances. l. EPA and Virginia DEQ compliance certifications 3

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