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We are leading experts in the testing and development of biomaterials, engineered tissues, and medical devices. Our clients are product development teams at medical device companies and pharmaceutical firms. We also work closely with corporate and university researchers. We provide: 1. Contract testing services 2. Advanced training in tissue testing and specialized equipment usage 3. Contract research and partnership opportunities in product development Zymetrix was launched in 2009 and is based at the University of Calgary. We are partnered with Western Economic Diversification, BOSE Electroforce Systems Group, Calgary Scientific, the National Research Council, Siemens, IMRIS, the Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Integrated Biomedical Technology, and Our mandate is to assist in the development of enhanced diagnostics and treatment technologies for health challenges, including: neurological illnesses, bone and joint diseases, fractures, cardiovascular diseases, tumour detection and stent patency. The Centre will be a key facilitator in the development of the Canadian biomedical sector by developing innovative, minimally invasive medical imaging and sensing technologies and transferring those technologies to local companies.

Technical Information:

Contract Research, Contract Testing of Biomaterial Testing, Biomechanical Testing, Biomedical Testing, Bioenginnering, Tissue Engineering, Medical Device Prototype Assessment, Soft Tissue Biomechanics, Hard Tissue Biomechanics, Cellular Biomechanics, micro CT scanning, microscopy and MRI imaging, Tension Testing, Torque Testing, Compression Testing, Mechanobiology: linking mechanics to cardiovascular pathologies Aortic aneurysms Pathologies of the atrium
Technical Methods
Mechanical characterization of soft tissues: biaxial/uniaxial/compression/bending testing Microstructure analysis and functional relation with mechanical properties Image analysis, 3-D reconstruction Confocal microscopy Finite element analysis: structural, dynamic, fluid-structure interaction, mechano-electric feedback Multi-physics computational methods, including solid and fluid interaction analysis Immersed boundary fluid-structure interaction methods, Bone biomechanics High resolution computed tomography, medical imaging 3D Morphometric and structural analysis Medical image analysis
Technical Methods
Micro-computed tomography acquisition and custom analysis Image analysis and modeling Finite element analysis application and development 3D image registration techniques Biomechanical testing of bones Vascular endothelial cells Stem cells Fluid shear stress Vascular disease Leukocyte adhesion Bacterial infection
Technical Methods
Nanoparticles Cell culturing Bioreactor systems and flow chambers Microscopy RNA and protein analysis FACS


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Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4 CA

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