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Laboratory Profile: The Jackson Laboratory

Laboratory Description:

The Jackson Laboratory leverages its eight decades of expertise in genetics and genomics to increase understanding of human diseaseadvancing treatments and cures for cancer, neurodegenerative and immune disorders, diabetes, aging, and heart disease. We model and interpret genomic complexity, integrate basic research with clinical application, educate current and future scientists, and empower the global biomedical community by providing critical data, tools, and services. Our work will improve both lifespan and healthspanand make medicine more precise, predictable, and personal.

For current and prospective customers, The Jackson Laboratory is the definitive resource for mammalian genetics information and services. We provide innovative and diverse models of exacting genetic qualityand help you to employ these tools to discover the causes of, and treatments for, human disease. Our collection of mouse models, data and our unparalleled experience helps you to succeed in your work. We are your strategic partner.

Our in vivo pharmacology services include compound evaluation, humanized NOD scid gamma mice, and a patient-derived xenograft resource. Other services include breeding and cryopreservation.

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