Laboratory Description:

Testing Partners is a one-stop turnkey partner who provides everything from product pre-screening and pre-compliance review, to lab testing and project management, to full global compliance mapping and certification. You no longer need to reach out to multiple partners to handle several different aspects of compliance - Testing Partners has it all under one roof with a project management team to oversee the entire process.

We help clients lay out a plan for what is required in the entire testing process in order to meet local or global regulatory standards requirements. Pre-compliance reviews lay out all the required standards, and product construction reviews check each part of the standard against your product to see which tests are required. We then conduct a line-by-line review of the standards to determine any potential non-compliances that would result in lab test failure and offer recommendations for remedying those non-compliances. By performing these reviews, fewer products fail testing, which can save 2-3 months of extra lab time, and clients can keep time-to-market launches on schedule.

Our goal is to minimize risks by avoiding supply chain problems that can result in product recalls, time back in the lab, extra costs, and reputational harm.