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Sure-BioChem Laboratories LLC

1000 Atlantic ave.

Camden, NJ

Sure-BioChem Laboratories, LLC is a contract testing organization partnering with government, pharmaceutical, environmental, biotechnology, medical device and food industries as an efficient outsourcing solution. We offer a broad array of microbiological and chemical testing services to provide our clients with a one-stop-shop testing experience.

The mission of Sure-BioChem Laboratories is to provide the highest quality microbiological and chemical analytical services by acting with high moral principle, adhering to the highest professional standards and maintaining the trust and confidence of all with whom we engage.

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Technical Information:

Our microbiological/chemistry testing services include:   

  • Air Quality Testing
  • Assessment of microbial environment 
  • Screening for specific microorganisms
  • Rapid detection method of bacterial Endotoxins
  • Rapid Detection of Pathogenic Organisms
  • UV/VIS spectrometry
  • Moisture Analysis
  • Testing and certification of all classifications of ISO cleanrooms and anterooms including particle counting
  • HEPA filter integrity, airflow volume/velocity, room pressurization, temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Antimicrobial efficacy
  • Webinar Trainings on Cleanroom Practices, Data Integrity, Microbiology, Environmental Monitoring, Failure Investigations and  Quality Event
  • Particle counting, HEPA filter testing, and airflow volume/velocity
  • Optical Rotation Polarimetry
  • FTIR analysis
  • Rapid detection of pathogenic organisms
  • Clean rooms and anterooms monitoring
  • Compressed air testing for non-viable and viable particles, hydrocarbons and dew point 
  • Drinking, Waste and Storm water Testing
  • Environmental Monitoring Program Development and Testing
  • Clean room Qualification/Certification Testing of all classifications of ISO 

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