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Siva Microbiological Solutions

Princeton Corporate Plaza, 9 Deer Park Drive, Suite M-3

Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852 US

Welcome to Siva Microbiological Solutions, LLC. [SivaMS]

We are an independent consulting and contract lab service company for solving microbial problems. Scientists in our group have a long history and combined experiences of over 75 years studying, researching and working on biological systems including Botany, Mycology (Fungi), Phycology (algae), Microbiology, Biochemistry , Chemistry, and Molecular Biology and have extensive industry experience in microbiology of materials, paints, coatings, consumer products, wood, plastics etc. and in molecular biology with expertise in PCR technology for molecular diagnostic applications.

Our Mission: "To make Siva Microbiological Solutions, LLC the one-stop lab for microbiological testing and for solving microbial problems in the paints, coatings and building products markets." SivaMS intends to provide full service comprehensive testing of products in wet state as well as dry state. We specialize in diagnosing, identifying and solving microbial problems including bacterial, fungal, algal and viral (limited) problems.

Technical Information:

Laboratory Testing Services, Microbial Testing, Microbiological Testing, Coating Testing, Diagnosing and Identifying microbial problems of materials
2.Isolation and identification of microbes including bacteria, fungi and ALGAE.
3.We offer testing of products for antimicrobial properties based on standared test methods such as ASTM, JIS, SISIR (Future) and also can offer customized testing as agreed:
In-Container Preservative Efficacy testing
Dry Film Anti-Bacterial Testing
Dry Film Anti-Fungal Efficacy Testing
Dry film anti-algal efficacy testing
Plant Hygiene Audit and Processing Audit Samples

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