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Savant Labs

4800 James Savage Rd.

Midland, MI 48642 US

Since 1969, Savant, Inc. has been an independent resource assisting in the development of advanced lubricant technology. Research on behalf of our customers has lead to the solution of critical industry challenges and the development of new approaches to measuring physical and chemical properties of lubricating fluids. Savant knows lubricant specification testing for passenger cars, heavy duty diesels, locomotive, turbine power generation, and other applications. In fact, our researchers developed several key engine oil bench tests that are now industry requirements. We analyze samples on standard and specialized lubricant bench tests at competitive prices and with a choice of turn-around times. Not only do we provide quality-assured data in a timely manner, our reports can be customized to meet your requirement including informative graphics and tables, or EDT reporting.

Technical Information:

Savant performs a wide range of analytical and simulated bench tests on engine oils, transmission fluids, gear oils and other industrial lubricants. Testing is conducted according to ASTM or other international standard test methods requested by our customers. We specialize in quality assured bench testing of engine oils for meeting the latest industry standards such as API, ILSAC, ACEA, SAE and ASTM. Several of these required tests were developed right here in our laboratories.

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