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Laboratory Profile: Prakhya Research Labs LLC

Laboratory Description:

Prakhya Research Labs LLC serves as a link between Industry and Regulatory System in providing GLP based non-clinical health and environmental safety data on crop care chemicals, biocides, industrial chemicals, herbal/phyto molecules, drugs and pharmaceuticals, transgenic crop/food, r-DNA and biotech based products, to facilitate risk assessment. We conduct regulatory studies on chemicals for registration in the United States and Europe under USEPA/FDA, EU (OECD) guidelines. We are GLP certified and our experienced team comprises of several in-house PhD's and SME's.

Prakhya Research Labs LLC provides testing in Analytical Chemistry, Physicochemical Properties, Method development & Validation, Chemical Composition and Impurity profile, Storage Stability, Toxicology, Carcinogenicity/ Mutagenicity, Pre-clinical Safety pharmacology/Toxicology, Inhalation Toxicity Studies, Ecotoxicity Studies (fish, daphnia and birds), Alga, earthworm, Biosafety of transgenic crop/food-allergenicity test, Cell line - in vitro toxicity assays, GMO - Gene/Protein, Identification/Quantification, Field study (Green House), Safety studies on new transgenics, Agronomy/Plant Pathology/Weed Science, Field Trials/Residues/ Bioefficacy and Phytotoxicity/ Compatibility, In vitro studies with Insecticides,