International Laboratory Directories

Laboratory Profile: NTS, National Technical Services

Laboratory Description:

Since 1961, NTS primary mission has been to help our customers take their products to market. As the largest independent testing and compliance management organization in the world, NTS has the technical expertise to work in product development environments, throughout the full life-cycle of a product design, development, coding, testing and implementation.

NTS has a proven track record as a full service testing and evaluation provider, enhanced by our extensive engineering and technical resources, providing support to all aspects of product innovation, development and delivery to market. Our testing and engineering services and solutions are based on the application of science and technology, and the mobilization of resources that integrate into the existing processes of the companies that we serve. We will design your compliance requirements. We will provide unique solutions for unique requirements. We can assist in all aspects of your compliance needs on an as needed basis, ultimately saving you money and product delivery time.

Some of the test and evaluation disciplines we offer include:

Climatic & Environmental Testing: NTS has hundreds of chambers ready to test your product against a myriad of conditions. Dynamic Testing: The dynamic testing expert at NTS are second to none, with specific expertise in acceleration, vibration, and shock. EMC, EMI, ESD, HIRF: We are the largest independent laboratory for Electromagnetic compatibility and interoperability testing, with labs located throughout North America and in Europe.

Telecommunications & Wireless: Our engineers are well versed in the services and standards required by your customers. From Verizon NEBS certification to MoCA approvals and ZigBee Smart Energy testing, NTS is ready to get the product approvals you need.

Silicon Valley, CA US