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Krish Biotech Research Private Limited (KBRPL) is an independent Contract Research Organization providing integrated discovery, development and regulatory services.
KBRPL is located in Kalyani, a progressive, well planned and dynamic town about 50 km north of Kolkata in the Nadia district of West Bengal. Kalyani is famous for its centres of higher education including the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), University of Kalyani, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya (BCKV Agricultural University), the West Bengal University of Technology, to name a few.
KBRPL's state-of-the-art laboratory is well designed and developed based on the requirement of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).
KBRPL is one of its kind in the Eastern part of India which provides integrated discovery, development and regulatory services across the agrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. The futuristic and leadership approach and thinking of KBRPL is evident from the fact that it is the first and only GLP Compliant lab in the whole of eastern and north eastern India.
KBRPL follows high standard of national and international safety procedures and provides safe working environment to all its employees.
KBRPL has an excellent amalgamation of qualified scientists and management with defined work ethics. The team is well equipped to provide quality and efficient services in shortest possible timeline.

Technical Information:

Krish Biotech can perform the following GLP tests as per various regulatory guidelines:

Chemistry Studies (Technical)
1 Physical state (Colour & -aspect)
2 pH
3 Free Acidity/Alkanity
4 Acetone Insolubility
5 Density/Specific Gravity
6 Surface Tension of aqueous solutions
7 Viscosity
8 Melting Point / Boiling Point
9 Flash Point
10 Moisture Content
11 Vapour Pressure  
12 Accelerated Storage Stability -14Days (Relevent Phychem parameters & A.I. content)
13 Accelerated Storage Stability -28Days (Relevent Phychem parameters & A.I. content)
14 Partition Co-efficient (Octanol/Water)
15 Water Solubility
16 Organic Solvent Solubility
17 Hydrolysis as a function of pH
18 Analytical Method development and Validation
19 Oxidizing Properties
20 Five Batch Analysis (upto 3 Impurities + MV)
21 Spontaneity of Dispersion (SC)

Chemistry Studies (Formulation)

1 Free Acidity Alkanity
2 pH (WP)
3 Container Content Compatibility
4 Spontaneity of Dispersion (SC)
   5 Wet Sieve Test (WP, WDP, WG, SC)
   6 Dry Sieve Test (DP, GR)
   7 Suspensibility (WP, WG, SC)
   8 Wettability (WP, WDP, WG)
   9 Degree of Dispersion (WG)
   10 Dustiness (WG)
   11 Emulsion Stability and Re-emulsification(EC)
   12 Solution Stability (SL)
   13 Pourability (SC)
   14 Flowability (WG)
   15 Persistent Foam (WP, WDP, WG, SL, SC)
   16 Shelf-Life
   17 Chemical Characterisation/ Active Analysis

Eco Toxicity Studies

   1 Alga Growth Inhibition Test
   2 Daphnia, Acute Immobilization Toxicity Test
   3 Acute Fish Toxicity Test (Common Carp)
   4 Acute Fish Toxicity Test (Rainbow Trout)
   5 Acute Toxicity Test in Earthworms
   6 Acute Honeybee Toxicity Test Oral
   7 Acute Honeybee Toxicity Test Contact
   8 Avian Acute Oral Toxicity (Japanese quail/Duck/Chicken/Pigeon)
   9 Avian Acute Dietary Toxicity Test (Japanese quail/Chicken)

Genotoxicity Studies

   1 Bacterial Reverse Mutation Assay (AMES Test)
   2 Micronucleus Test (in vivo)
   3 Chromosomal Aberation Test (in vivo)
   4 Chromosomal Aberation Test (in vitro)

Toxicity Studies

   1 Acute Oral Mice
   2 Acute Oral Rat
   3 Acute Dermal Rat/Rabbit(Limit)
   5 Acute Inhalation Rat- Limit Test
   6 Acute Inhalation Rat-(Full Test)
   7 Primary Skin Irritation /Acute dermal irritation
   8 Mucous Membrane  Irritation Test In Rabbit
   9 Acute eye irriation study in rabbit
   10 Skin Sensitization-Guinea Pig (Mand K/Buehlers method)
   11 Subacute Oral Toxicity Rat (28 days)
   12 Subacute Dermal Toxicity Rat(28 days)
   13 Subacute Inhalation Toxicity (28 days)
   14 Sub Chronic Oral Toxicity Rat (90 days)
   15 Sub Chronic Dermal Toxicity Rat(90 days)
   16 Sub Chronic Inhalation Toxicity (90 days)
   17 Prenatal Development Toxicity Study in Rats
   18 One-Generation Reproduction Toxicity Study in Rats
   19 Two-Generation Reproduction Toxicity Study in Rats
   20 Reproduction/Developmental Toxicity Study in Rats (DRF)
   21 Reproduction/Developmental Toxicity Study in Rats (Main)
   22 Reproduction/Developmental Toxicity Study in Rabbits (DRF)
   23 Reproduction/Developmental Toxicity Study in Rabbits (Main)
   24 Neurotoxicity Study in Rats

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