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Steven Lane Consulting / Innovative Microbiology Laboratories

4539 Metropolitan Court

Frederick, MD 21704 US

We opened our corporate offices, full service microbiology laboratory, and consulting offices in 2009. Our facilities were opened at 4539 Metropolitan Court in Frederick, MD where we still reside today. Since 2009 we have grown our business and have assisted over 25 well known pharmaceutical, biotechnology and dietary supplement organizations with either consulting support or laboratory services to support ongoing operations or regulatory submissions.

Technical Information:

We offer the following testing services in our GMP laboratory:

Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing, USP <51> (Test Code: APET and APETVAL)
Microbial Enumeration Tests, USP <61> (Test Code: USP61)
Tests for Specified Organisms, USP <62> (Test Code: USP62)
Microbial Enumeration (supplements), USP <2021> (Test Code: USP2021)
Tests for Specified Organisms (supplements), USP <2022> (Test Code: USP 2022)
Microbial, Yeast, and Mold Identification (Test Code: M-ID)
Antibiotic Potency Assay (microbial) USP <81> (Test Code: USP 81)
Bacterial Endotoxin Test, USP <85> (Test Code: ENDO)
Total Organic Carbon Analysis, USP <643> (Test Code: TOC)
Water Conductivity, USP <645> (Test Code: COND)
pH, USP <791> (Test Code: pH791)
Bioburden by Membrane Filtration, USP <1231> (Test Code: BIO1231)
Bioburden by Plate Count, USP <1227> (Test Code: BIO1227)
Bioburden Testing available for Aerobic & Anaerobic Bacteria, Coliforms, and Fungi
Sterility, USP <71> (Test Code: STER71)
Sterility (Bacteriostasis + Fungistasis) <71> (Test Code: STER71BF)
Disinfectant Efficacy, ASTM E1054-02 + ASTM E1153-03, USP <1072> +<1227> (Test Code: DISEFF)
USP Growth Promotion Testing of Media, USP <61>, <71>, <1116> (Test Code: USP-GP)
Environmental Monitoring, USP, ISO ICH (Test Code: EMON)

*Please inquire if you require a test that is not listed here. We have a group of highly educated and trained scientists.

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