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Laboratory Profile: INEOS Analytical Sciences (AnSRS)

Laboratory Description:

We are an experienced analytical team within INEOS Technologies. We specialize in high-value-added analysis and problem solving for the chemicals, polymers, and materials industries, using state-of-the-art technologies such as X-ray diffraction, XPS, electron microscopy, ICP, XRF, NMR, and molecular modeling.

We are located on a research campus in Naperville, IL, USA, near Chicago. Both our team and our site are of BP and Amoco heritage. Most of our team has over 20 years' experience in their specialties. We have extensive instrumentation in-house, and also have access to unique capabilities at national labs, such as the Advanced Photon Source at nearby Argonne National Laboratory.

We are eager to assist you with any analytical problem. Whether you're looking for an identification of a plant deposit, or spectroscopic characterization of a some polymer samples, or the cause of deactivation of a catalyst, or a large collaborative research program, we can help. Please contact us and we can discuss your problem.

150 W Warrenville Rd

Naperville, IL 60540 US