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Laboratory Profile: Genizon BioSciences Inc

Laboratory Description:

Genizon BioSciences is a leading provider of genetic solutions to the biopharmaceutical industry, academic institutions, and research organizations. Genizon offers GLP compliant services including high throughput SNP genotyping, genetic analysis and gene expression. The company operates eight Illumina BeadArray Readers providing genotyping capacity that is among the largest worldwide. Any Illumina BeadChip product, custom marker set, or gene expression array can be used.

The performance of Genizon's platform is among the world leaders, with call rates in excess of 99% along with data accuracy and reproducibility of 99.99%. Based on its leading throughput and integrated analysis process, Genizon reports a complete SNP data set from up to 4,000 samples with any Infinium chip within 9 weeks of the start of the study.

Genizon has extensive experience from the completion of several genome-wide association studies, which have resulted in the identification of multiple disease-associated genes, biomarkers and gene-based drug targets.

880 rue McCaffrey

St. Laurent, QC H4T 2C7 CA