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Laboratory Profile: Emerging Fuels Technology

Laboratory Description:

Emerging Fuels Technology, LLC was formed by Kenneth Agee who was the founder chairman and Chief Research Officer of Syntroleum Corporation (SYNM). Mr. Agee left Syntroleum in November 2007 and bought the catalyst testing lab from Syntroleum. The laboratory was designed to develop and test Fischer-Tropsch catalysts. Emerging Fuels Technology has expanded the laboratory capabilities by adding facilities to prepare and analyze catalysts and hydrocarbon products. Additionally, the experience of the principles can be applied to new catalyst development, catalyst optimization and process development. All of these capabilities are now available as an independent resource for third party use. If you need to develop or optimize a catalyst or independently verify catalyst performance supplied by others, Emerging Fuels Technology can help.

6024 South 116th East Ave

Tulsa, OK 74146 US