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Laboratory Profile: Dow Corning Analytical Solutions

Laboratory Description:

Our well-equipped, ISO 9001:2000 registered, global analytical laboratories are staffed with knowledgeable experts who have practical experience in: *Characterizing a multitude of materials from a variety of industries *Troubleshooting problems related to development, manufacturing and application performance *Silicone testing and organic analysis

Benefits to working with Dow Corning Analytical Solutions laboratories include:

1) Proven quality and easy access to experts. 2) Total analytical solutions. 4) Advanced capabilities for complex problem solving. 5) Higher level of expertise compared to most contract laboratories.

Our service offering includes: Material Analysis and Characterization, Problem Solving, Product Deformulation, Method Development, Contamination Analysis, Contract Research, and Training and Consulting

2200 W. Salzburg Road

Midland, MI 48686-0994 US