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Choksi Laboratories Limited

6/3 Manoramaganj,

Indore, IN

Established in 1982, CLL, or Choksi Laboratories Limited, as it is more widely known, is a leading analysis and research group, providing complete solutions for improving quality in

Processes Products Services

Quality of Products

Quality products are a function of better raw materials and quality procedures. CLL currently has facilities for analysis of over 1000 products and materials, with more being added every day.

A vast updated database of test specifications derived from AOAC, USP, BP, CP, EP, IP, IS, EPA, PFA, Food Chemicals Codex, AOCS, and several in-house methods, serves a wide spectrum of products and materials - pharmaceutical raw materials and formulations, agro products and their derivatives, fertilizers, pesticides, edible and industrial oils, chemicals, paints and dyes.

Technical Information:

Pharmaceutical Analysis, Food Testing, Agriculture Testing, PRODUCT & PROCESS DEVELOPMENT, QUALITY CONTROL Testing, Bio Analysis, Water Systems Validation, Raw Material Testing, Impurity Testing, Cleaning Validation, Excipients Testing, In-Vitro Equivalence, Intermediates Testing, Method Development, Bio-Burden Monitoring, Formulation Testing, 3rd Party Inspection, Method Validation, Residual Solvents Analysis / OVIs, Stability, Particle Size Analysis, Water Analysis, CLL's Alcohols / Alcoholic Beverages Analysis Services, CLL's Food Products Test-List, CLL's Dairy Product's Services, CLL's Milk & Milk Products Analysis as per EIC norms, CLL's Shelf-Life Studies in Food & Beverages, CLL's Spices & Extracts Services, Water Analysis (Potable Water, Raw Water, Water for food processing industry, Packaged Drinking Water, Natural Mineral Water etc.), Agrochemical (Pesticide) Residues Analysis, Antibiotic Residues Analysis, Banned Dyes Analysis (including Sudan Dyes), Health Claims Verification for Dietary Supplements / Special Needs Food
Products, Food Grade Certification for Food Additives, Food Grade Certification for Packaging Container Testng, Microbiological Analysis, Heavy / Toxic Metals Analysis, Proximate Analysis, Nutritional Evaluation & Labelling Services (including Trans-Fats & Cholesterol Determination, Natural Toxins Analysis (Mycotoxins)

Packaging Material Analysis

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