Laboratory Profile: Cedar Diagnostics

Laboratory Description:

Cedar Diagnostics is a leading provider of anatomic pathology, cytology and medical laboratory services. We also offer complete forensic pathology and toxicology services as well as work place drug testing. Highly experienced pathologists and laboratory technicians combined with cutting edge technology and molecular diagnostics create an environment of diagnostic accuracy, insight and compassion.

Our greatest strength is the very high level of customer service and customization of service that we provide to both health care providers and consumers. This includes easy access to real people when you call with questions regarding pathology or laboratory reports, or any other diagnostic or laboratory issue. We customize our lab service, requisitions, courier service and report delivery to your specifications. We realize that laboratory testing is a small part of most medical practices, and that you do not have time for hassles with lost specimens, not having lab results when you need them, and not being able to speak with a pathologist or laboratory technician when necessary. It is our mission to provide a comprehensive, efficient lab service which is customized to your specifications. Our billing service is fair and accurate, and we will treat you with respect. We participate with government and commercial health insurance providers. Cedar Diagnostics also provides comprehensive laboratory and pathology practice management as well as computer connectivity, and networking solutions. We are the industry leader in profit sharing solutions with our clinical colleagues.



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