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Laboratory Profile: Bio-Boston Contract Laboratories

Laboratory Description:

Bio-Boston Contract Laboratories is located north of Boston at Cummings Center, Beverly MA. We invite your inquiries and proposals and look forward to working with you on your biomedical research goals.

We offer the following services: In Vivo disease models: Middle cerebral artery occlusion, Spinal cord ischemia model, Spinal cord trauma model, Parkinson's disease model, Alzheimers disease model, Coronary artery ischemia model, Whole body systemic arrest model, Cardiac arrest model, Hemorrhagic shock model, Lengendorff isolated heart perfusion model, Tumor Models, EEG, EKG, Blood Pressure, Intracranial pressure monitor)

Cell culture based assay: Primary rat cerebrocortical neuron culture, human neuronal culture, cardiac muscle cell culture and various cell lines culture. MTT, ATP, TTC Cell Viability test.

Custom Peptide Synthesis, HPLC analysis and Purification, Mass Spectrometry Analysis. LAL Endotoxin Testing.

100 Cummings Center

Beverly, MA 01915 US