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Bently Tribology Services, Inc.

5 Lakeland Park Drive

Peabody, MA 01960-3835 US

Bently Tribology Services tests lubricants, fuels-(petroleum and bio based) synthetic machine fluids and coolants, to provide our clients with information to support maintenance and reliability decisions. Our approach to testing is innovative, modern, and comprehensive, quality a given.

We test fluids for clients ranging from personal vehicles to large industrial equipment- We have considerable experience in monitoring turbines, compressors, hydraulic systems, gear systems and engines. We spend a lot of time getting to know a piece of equipment at the start of a monitoring program. This information is considered vital for determining the practical alarms and recommendations based upon the equipment characteristics. The BTS labs offer a variety of programs to suit customer needs.

Technical Information:

Oil Analysis: Turbines, Engines, Hydraulics, Compressors, Lubricants, Spectroscopy, Rotrode Filter Spectroscopy, Viscosity @ 40° C, FT-IR Spectroscopy, Automatic Particle Count, Total Acid Number, Karl Fischer Moisture, Freon, % by Weight,Lubricant Analysis, Spectroscopy by Atomic Emission (Inductively Coupled Plasma), Physical Properties, Wet Chemistry, Contamination, Wear Debris, Ferrography, Biodisel Testing,DoublecheckSM Oil analysis- Designed to detect equipment failure early
DoublecheckSM Grease Analysis- for critical grease lubricated systems
DoublecheckSM Filter analysis- Evaluate premature filter blockage/failure
Synthetic lubricant analysis
Lubricated equipment failure investigations
Practical decision support for maintenance and reliability personnel
High quality is a given, rapid turnaround
Turbine Flushing Analytical Support

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