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Purdue Research Park

West Lafayette, IN 47906 US

If you play a role in bringing new drugs to market, get to know BASi. Since 1974, BASi has been providing products and services to some of the country's leading biological and pharmaceutical firms.

From our labs in the US and UK, we offer a full range of preclinical, bioanalytical and pharm analysis services. More importantly, our scientists have the experience and expertise to customize an array of CRO services to meet the unique demands your project requires.

And whether you conduct your own in vivo studies or have us conduct them for you, it's important to note that BASi develops and manufactures some of the most innovative and well-respected instrumentation available today. For example, our unique Culex?line of sampling systems can collect blood, bile, urine, feces, dialysates and more - all from awake and freely moving animals, from rodents to swine - without the added stress of human intervention.

If bringing drugs to market is part of your job, follow these links to learn more about us. We think you'll find that if experience and expertise is what you need, you need BASi.

Technical Information:

Toxicology Services: Acute Toxicology, Sub-chronic Toxicology, Chronic Toxicology, Carcinogenicity studies, Behavioral toxicology, Immunotoxicology and biomarkers, Clinical chemistry and pathology panels, Necropsy and histology with special stains, Pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism, Bioanalytical Services include:

* GLP or non-GLP Method development and validation * Drug interaction, ADME, PK * Study sample analysis * LC-MS/MS (triple quadrupole) * HPLC * Immunoassays

Capabilities: * Three major LC-MS/MS platforms (40 instruments) * LDTD rapid sample analysis * Immunoassay robotics and microplate readers * Automated 96-well sample preparation * Conventional HPLC with UV, fluorescence, and electrochemical detection * Low temperature storage * Analysis of unconventional biological tissues * Part 11-Compliant Software Systems

Pharmaceutical Services include:

* NDA, IND and QC stability program support * Method development and validation * In-Vito Bioequivelance * Forced degradation studies * Final product release testing * Dosing solution analysis * Compendial testing * Comparator testing * Formulation development support * Stability storage on site

Bioanalytical Large Molecule Services include:

* Macromolecule PK/TK (hybridization and immunoassays) * Immunogenicity assays (anti-drug antibody assays) * Biomarker services for drug development (i.e. PD, safety assessment, mechanism of action) * EIA- or ELISA-based applications * Enzyme kinetic assays * Method development, validation and sample analysis of proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides"

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