International Laboratory Directories

Laboratory Profile: Austrian Research Centers GmbH - ARC

Laboratory Description:

Embedded within the Austrian Research Centers, the division of Life Sciences can be split up into three departments:

- Toxicology
- Chemical Analytics and
- Molecular Diagnostics

ARC-Toxicology is an International Contract Research Organisation (CRO) that provides a full range of toxicological, ecotoxicological and physico-chemical testing services. We have more than 30 years of experience in meeting worldwide regulatory needs for evaluation and registration of industrial chemicals, agrochemicals and pharmaceutical products. Located in the center of Europe we provide toxicology testing as well as alternative approaches for the human health risk assessment under REACH.

Besides classical environmental and geological analytics ARC-Chemical Analytics focuses on GMP-compliant stability testing, analysis of chemicals under GLP conditions and doping control analysis. The well-balanced mixture of the personnel consisting of chemists, geochemists, biologists and physicists - nearly 50% of them are academics - guarantee best quality and global experience within different issues. Interdisciplinar cooperation with other divisions like toxicology, environmental research, IT, etc. enables solution of very complex questions.

Main focus of ARC-Molecular Diagnostics is the development of nucleic acid-based assays for use in medical diagnostics. This includes microarrays and PCR/RT-PCR-based tests. Current issues in our strategic research are infectious diseases and cancer diagnostics. Being part of the interdisciplinary Austrian Research Centers we collaborate with universities and partners from industry and drive scientific and technological progress.

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