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Laboratory Profile: American International Biotechnology Services (AI Biotech)

Laboratory Description:

American International Biotechnology Services ("AI Biotech"), formerly Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc., is a comprehensive contract research organization providing research and development services to the biotechnology industry, academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies.

AI Biotech's unique custom service platforms provide the flexibility required for today's high technology research and development programs while also providing a multifaceted integrated approach to research and project support. Providing a wide range of services is an important element of our strategy. There are few major competitors which offer integrated genetics, molecular biology, genomics, DNA services, and microbiology services with proteomics, protein/peptide technologies (including antibody related services), and none that offer these technologies combined with sophisticated biophysical techniques, such as calorimetry, spectroscopy, and mass spectral analysis.

601 Biotech Drive

Richmond, VA 23225 US