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Alta Immunochemistry Lab (Part of Intertek)

3985 Sorrento Valley Blvd. Suite C

San Diego, CA 92121 US

Alta's Immunochemistry Services Group has experience in the development and validation of quantitative immunoassays for the measurement of macromolecules, for example: therapeutic drugs, synthetic peptides, humanized monoclonal antibodies, chimerics, growth factors, hormones, cytokines, and biomarkers. We work closely with sponsors to determine the needs of the assay, regulatory requirements, turn around times, report requirements, and make every effort to work within their budgetary restrictions.

 Development and validation of custom assays  Implementation and validation of an existing method  Optimizing a method then validating  Validation of an existing immunoassay kit

Technical Information:

Quantitative Ligand Binding Assays
Alta's Immunochemistry Group is experienced in the:
-Development and validation of quantitative ligand binding assays for proprietary compounds
-Transfer and validation of an existing method
-Optimizing a method and then validating
-Validation of an existing kit assay

Immunoassays for the Detection of Antibodies to Specific Compounds

The development and validation of qualitative and quasi-quantitative ELISAs for the measurement of antibodies directed against a specific compound, or biological product has become an expertise of Alta Analytical's Immunochemistry Group. Because each project offers its own set of challenges and requirements, Alta's project managers work closely with clients to meet their expectations, while keeping a close eye on the requirements for a fully validated assay that will be accepted by the regulatory agencies.
Cell Based Assays

Alta works with clients to develop and validate call based assays for use in determining the presence of neutralizing antibodies.

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