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ACM Pharma SAS

34-36 Avenue du 21 août 1944

France, 0 FR

ACM Pharma is cGMP registered , an independently contracted Microbiology Laboratory specialized in full Microbiological testing. Our services include Ph Eur, USP, AOAC, NF EN, ISO, ASTM, JIS and other microbiology test methods of analysis. ACM Pharma Offers full service microbiology testing. We specialize in microbiology testing to support product quality. Our 10 years of experience in microbiology provide expertise in generating the accurate test results.Our microbiology testing services include general microbiology testing, special microbiology and custom projects. ACM Pharma is dedicated to solving problems of microbial contamination in the industrial environment. At ACM Pharma, we understand the challenges presented by a changing market place. Since the inception of our laboratory, we have been helping clients by providing them with quality service. We emphasize on accuracy, reliability and the fastest turn around time of our results. We can e-mail your results via internet to get you your information faster. Our highly dedicated professional staff is comprised of M.S, M.D, M.P.H who are there to watch your product closely, and communicate abnormal occurrences to you directly.

Technical Information:

- Microbioal Limit test,
- Endotoxin testing,
- Challenge-tests,
- Sterility testing,
- Bioburden,
- Microbial Inhibitory Concentration (MIC),
- Water testing,
- Microbial identification,
- Food microbiology,
- Disinfectants,
- Environmental Testing,
- Antibiotics - microbial essays,
- Kill Time Study

Our customers : Pharmaceuticals, Food, Water, Cosmetics, personal care, household, Body washes, Hand gels, Antiseptics, Sanitizers, medical device, chemical sterilants, antimicrobial additives, antiseptic soaps, Disinfectants, Contact lens disinfectants, air, Preservatives, paper, Plastic, Paints, Textiles, Fabric, Research Institutes, Universities, Veterinary, Dental and other miscellaneous industries.

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