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toxicology Lab Suppliers, Independent toxicology Laboratories for toxicology testing, toxicology services, toxicology research, toxicology analysis, toxicology assays, toxicology scientific, toxicology science, toxicology R&D, toxicology supplies, toxicology experiments, toxicology development, toxicology engineering, toxicology investigations, toxicology examinations  toxicology Laboratory Testing Requests
IMAGE SOURCE:CDC PHIL Technician performing Western Blot testing. Antigens if present will bind and be detected.

Contract has received the following incoming toxicology Laboratory Test Requests which need to be fulfilled ! These toxicology Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational corporations to government agencies actively seeking toxicology laboratories to perform their toxicology laboratory testing and research. If your toxicology Laboratory receives toxicology Test Requests that it can not fulfill, please refer them to us! If you have questions, please e-mail us or call 1-855-377-6821 .

Incoming toxicology Laboratory Test Requests
Toxicology Testing or toxicology Research Description
Approval Date
14-00773 Large Paint COmpany needs toxicology laboratory for toxicology study testing: BG1 LUC estrogen transcriptional assay (OECD TG 455) one test sample, a bisphenol, can be shippined at Room Temperature ( read more )..... 07/21/2014 Lab Needed
14-00729 Ph.D University Researcher needs India marine toxicology laboratory for fish toxicology study on accumulation of heavy metals in fish organs). ( read more )..... 07/14/2014 Lab Needed
14-00721 Hong Kong and China analytical chemistry and microbiology laboratory needed for cosmetics testing at least one of the following type : chemical testing/ Microbiology testing efficacy testing /spf testing/ toxicology testing ( read more )..... 07/11/2014 Lab Needed
Hello. Im from The Bahamas. How can a person test my blood, water and food content for poison/hazardous substances? ( read more )..... Lab Needed
14-00661 INdia Preclinical TOxicology COntract Research Organization needed for ocular drug delivery study. no of sample six...six piece rabbit eye is required..drug testing on occular drug delivary ( read more )..... 06/29/2014 Lab Needed
14-00635 Large Pharma needs FDA GLP, AAALAC TOxicology laboratory needed to test phytosterol levels in animal serum/plasma and possibly perform a toxicology study using an animal model" ( read more )..... 06/24/2014 Lab Needed
14-00630 University Researcher needs toxicology laboratory needed for comet assay: fishes 20 ( read more )..... 06/24/2014 Lab Needed
14-00604 Northeastern USA FDA cGMP biomedical laboratory and toxicology laboratory needed for medical device prototype testing. Test sensor for responsiveness to cyanide gas. We are prototyping an invention - a point of care diagnostic device for cyanide poisoning that uses a polymer as a sensor to detect cyanide in blood. The polymer will generate voltage and current upon exposure to cyanide gas released from blood. We have a lab to iterate polymers (although we are open to talking to others). We are lo ( read more )..... 06/17/2014 Lab Needed
14-00519 Biomedical manufacturer needs toxicology laboratory for heavy metal testing & acute toxicity testing: LD50 testing on biomedical product. ( read more )..... 05/29/2014 Lab Needed
14-00516 EMAI FDA GLP Contract Research Organization CRO needed for FDA GLP preclinical toxicology and Immunogenicity studies with primates where our products can be evaluated by IV route, administrated daily during 12 weeks and 4 weeks of recovery period. We want evaluated comparatively two products with two level doses and a control group. The number of animals per group would be 3 animals/sex/group. It would be evaluated Hematology/Biochemistry parameters. Also, we want do toxicokinetics, ( read more )..... 05/29/2014 Lab Needed
14-00500 EMAI, FDA GLP Contract Research Organization / Toxicology laboratory needed for GLP Studies: toxicity, TK and ADA GLP study with monkeys where our product can be evaluated by IV route, administrated weekly during 12 weeks and 4 weeks of recovery period. The number of animals per group would be 3 animals/sex/group (for main groups). In this case cardiotoxicity is very relevant for us. Also, we would like to do toxicokinetics, immunogenicity and local tolerance evaluations. ( read more )..... 05/26/2014 Lab Needed
14-00495 FDA cGMP Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicology/safety study performed on a new dietary supplement ingredient. ( read more )..... 05/24/2014 Lab Needed
14-00419 Toxicology Laboratory needed for in vitro cytotoxicology testing of mixture of naphtalene benzopyran endosulfan and chlorpyrifos in vitro on lactate and glycogen Shuttle in astrocytes and neuron cultures. ( read more )..... 05/02/2014 Lab Needed
14-00402 Ireland pharmaceutical toxicology laboratory needed for ISO cytotoxicology testing to ISO10993-5. Raw material samples tested for cytotoxicity according to ISO10993-5. ( read more )..... 04/29/2014 Lab Needed
( read more )..... Lab Needed
14-00368 Preclinical Toxicology Laboratory needed for the eye irritation testing on rabbits using Moxifloxacin HCl, one eye drops and to observe for any irritation for 025hr,0.5hr,1,2,3,6,12,18,24,48 &72 hrs , keeping other eye as a control and scoring if any irritation by giving score from 0-4. ( read more )..... 04/20/2014 Lab Needed
14-00362 Biochemical manufacturer needs toxicology laboratory for quotation for a toxicology study for the plaguicide triazophos, it must include LD50 oral acute, LD50 dermal acute, LC50 inhalatory acute, dermal and eye irritation and dermal sensibilization. Also we need: Mutagenesis Testing, Reproductive Testing, Developmental Toxicology Testing Studies, Molecular Toxicology Studies, Neurotoxicology Testing Studies, Immunotoxicology Testing Studies, Aquatic and Marine Toxicology Testing Studies Mammali ( read more )..... 04/17/2014 Lab Needed
14-00333 GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for new pesticide testing. TOxicology testing of new pesticide formulations for acute mammalian toxicity: LD50/LC50 (oral, dermal, inhalation), irritation (dermal and eye) and skin sensitisation. " ( read more )..... 04/11/2014 Lab Needed
14-00331 US Toxicology Laboratory needed for Acute toxicity testing, Antibacterial testing and Chemistry testing ( read more )..... 04/11/2014 Lab Needed
14-00270 West coast Clinical Toxicology laboratory needed with LCMS Machine to run UA samples and provide reports.. WE bring approx 1,000 samples ( read more )..... 03/26/2014 Lab Needed
14-00172 United States Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for Pesticide Toxicology Study: OCSPP guideline 850.1055 -Estuarine/marine invertebrate embryo larval study ( read more )..... 02/21/2014 Lab Needed
( read more )..... Lab Needed
14-00164 South America TOxicology Laboratory needed for Toxicity testing: Acute Inhalation Toxicity: equipment ad materials ( read more )..... 02/18/2014 Lab Needed
14-00140 EU GLP accredited laboratory needed for food toxicology testing of Larix Dahurica extract for application as a novel food. Needed testing according to the OECD Guidelines: 1. OECD 474 ?Mammalian Erythrocyte micronucleus test?, 2. OECD 488 ?Transgenic Rodent Somatic and Germ Cell Gene Mutation Assays? or 3. In vivo Comet assay as suggested by EFSA. Target tissues should be liver, duodenum, colon, etc. ( read more )..... 02/11/2014 Lab Needed
14-00113 USA Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for toxicology study. Conduct study involving 4-week exposures to 1 control, 1 positive control, and 3 different (non-volatile) test-chemical diets, using groups of 6 transgenic F344 rats and 6 transgenic B6C3F1 rats. Quantify corresponding rates of mutation in 4 target tissues: liver hepatocytes, kidney (cortical cells and tubular epithelial cells), and bladder epithelial cells. in vivo GLP mutagenicity studies, (Big Blue) rat & (Muta-) m ( read more )..... 02/04/2014 Lab Needed
14-00111 USA or Europe Toxicology Laboratory needed for endocrine toxicology testing: Validated Tier 1 EDSP Screens EPA Protocols for Tier 1 EDSP Screening assays ( read more )..... 02/04/2014 Lab Needed
14-00096 GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for GLP REACH Toxicology Studies of one chemical substance: Two-generation reproduction toxicity study, EU B.35/OECD 416 Repeated dose (28 days) toxicity (inhalation), EU B.8/OECD 412 please specify price for DRF, analytics, limit and full study ( read more )..... 01/31/2014 Lab Needed
14-00078 Non-Profit needs toxicology laboratory for carcinogenicity testing of chemicals. We are a non-profit and will have recurring orders for chemicals to be tested for carcinogenicity. ( read more )..... 01/27/2014 Lab Needed
14-00070 EPA GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for GLP 90 day toxicology study ( read more )..... 01/24/2014 Lab Needed
14-00043 Accredited USA GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for compliance GLP pesticide testing of mouse / rat bait. Thanks for you response ( read more )..... 01/14/2014 Lab Needed
14-00016 Chennai clinical toxicology laboratory needed for Urine testing ( read more )..... 01/07/2014 Lab Needed
14-00011 AALAC, FDA, GLP Pharmaceutical Toxicology Preclinical Laboratory needed for FDA GLP Toxicology Studies: Ototoxicity study (GLP) Required test : Ototoxicity evaluation of a test article(ear drops agent)administrated bid for 28 days via implanted catheter connected with middle ear in chincillas or any other animals. (*** exception of guinea pigs) ( read more )..... 01/07/2014 Lab Needed
13-01629 Japan Toxicology Laboratory needed for Toxicology Testing: toxicological risk assessments (TRA)on chemical substances of toys or components of toys ( read more )..... 12/16/2013 Lab Needed
13-01592 Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicology testing of Pyrethrum flour 1.2% ( read more )..... 12/07/2013 Lab Needed
13-01590 USA EPA Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for EPA Toxicity Testing: Chronic Whole Effluent Toxicity Monitoring Requirements: The Water Quality Standards of Mississippi require that all waters be free from substances in concentrations or combinations which are harmful to human, animals, or aquatic life (State of Mississippi, Water Quality Criteria for intrastate and Coastal Waters, Section II.4., Minimum Conditions Applicable to All Waters, page 3, adopted March 22, 1990). In accordance ( read more )..... 12/06/2013 Lab Needed
13-01532 EPA GLP, USA Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for EPA GLP Pesticide Testing: Antimicrobial pesticide for EPA testingEnvironmental fate - Hydrolysis, Photodegradation, Activated Sludge/Respiration Inhibition. Nontarget Organisms and Plants - Acute avian oral tox, acute freshwater fish tox, acute freshwater invertebrates, Aquatic plant growth (algal) ( read more )..... 11/19/2013 Lab Needed
13-01522 Large Toy Manufacturer needs Toxicology Laboratory for Toy Testing: Toxicology Testing Toxicological Risk Assessment (TRA) Based on the ingredients or bill of substances to evaluate or assess any hazardous substances involved on the materials. The requirement should be referenced to EU REACH,SVHC,2009/48/EC, Washington Children's Safe Product Act or California Green Chemistry Act, etc. ( read more )..... 11/15/2013 Lab Needed
13-01500 Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicity testing of antibacterial product ( read more )..... 11/11/2013 Lab Needed
( read more )..... Lab Needed
13-01393 Asia Toxicology Laboratory needed for Food Toxicology Testing ( read more )..... 10/15/2013 Lab Needed
13-01327 GLP Europe toxicology laboratory needed for GLP Testing: Biodistribution Study" ( read more )..... 09/28/2013 Lab Needed
13-01320 Manufacturing company needs marine toxicology laboratory Marine Pollutant testing on one of our products. Can you quote cost, turn around time and required sample size ( read more )..... 09/27/2013 Lab Needed
13-01285 Materials Laboratory needed for Toxicology Testing, ASTM Testing, Biodegradability Testing: oxo-biodegradation tests on plastic bags to ASTM-D6954 standard. These bags have been manufactured using an additive. 1. Chemical composition 2. Abiotic degradability 3. Biodegradability in soil 4. Eco-toxicity ( read more )..... 09/20/2013 Lab Needed
13-01254 OECD Compliant Europe Toxicology Laboratory Need needed OECD Toxicology Testing for OECD compliant aquatic toxicology testing to determine potential adverse effects of an agricultural chemicals on frogs. ( read more )..... 09/14/2013 Lab Needed
13-01243 Asia toxicology laboratory needed for cosmetics toxicology testing: toxicological assessment to introduce our new cosmetic product in Europe market ( read more )..... 09/12/2013 Lab Needed
13-01231 Europe Pharmaceutical Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicity testing: local toxicity for intravenous infusion in rabbits, single dose ( read more )..... 09/11/2013 Lab Needed
13-01224 China or US Toxicology Laboratory needed for OECD Toxicology Testing: Teratogenicity (OECD 414); Two generation reproductive Toxicity Study (OECD 416); Toxicokinetics Study (OECD 417); Fish, early life stage toxicity test (OECD 210); Seed germination/ Root Elongation Toxicity Test (OECD29) OECD: 414 416 417 210 29 ( read more )..... 09/10/2013 Lab Needed
13-01219 India toxicology laboratory needed for Toxicity Testing of heavy metals on the liver of fish ( read more )..... 09/09/2013 Lab Needed
13-01192 Toronto materials laboratory needed for stone testing a new type of stone - chemical testing, durability testing, toxicology testing for any environmental toxins, etc. (stone needs to be proven Ok for construction - building houses; the stone need to be durable enough to surive (not to crack) during temperature changes (from hot to cold and vice versa). ( read more )..... 08/29/2013 closed
13-01180 Toxicology Laboratory needed for DNA-Adduct testing using LC/Tandem MS on human serum for quinolones Requesting the availability of DNA-Adduct testing on human blood/serum using LC/Tandem MAS (LC/MS) for the protocols to identify [1,5-Dimethoxy-9, 10-Anthraquinone] which is formed upon DNA cleving of 4-quinolone antibiotic forming an Anthraquinone [Ethyl 6,8-difluoro-4-hydroyqinoline-3-carboxylate] the backbone to Levofloxin/Fluroquinolone [1,8 Dimethoxy-anthraquinone] linked to ( read more )..... 08/27/2013 closed
13-01165 Pharmaceutical toxicology laboratory needed for DNA adduct testing required for fluoroquinolone metabolites to Tandem Mass SpectrometryHigh Performance Liquid Chromatograph ( read more )..... 08/23/2013 closed
I would like a sample from a bag of dry dog food tested for toxins. ( read more )..... Lab Needed
13-01121 ENvironmental Toxicology laboratory needed for OECD environmental toxicology testing. LD50 testing on 600 samples of soil/sand/mud waste over a 5 year period. Relatively non-toxic but Indonesian regulations require samples to be tested ( read more )..... 08/14/2013 closed
13-01117 Plastics manufacturer needs environmental toxicology laboratory for plastics toxicology testing of manufacturer's UPVC Pipes (certification testing) which are used in a variety of ground applications. ( read more )..... 08/13/2013 closed
13-01110 Composite company needs materials laboratory for toxicology, product safety and materials testing: fiberglass composite material, that requires specific ASTM standards and testing that is in accordance with document BSS-7239 BSS 7239 Recommended Fire Safety Practices for Rail Transit Materials Selection.E662-01, Optical Density of Smoke. ( read more )..... 08/12/2013 closed
13-01102 Consumer Products Laboratory needed for cosmetics testing of 13 products: toxicology testing, microbiology testing and stability testing. The 13 products consist of bubble bath, shower gel, moisture lotion, shampoo, conditioner, hand wash and lip balm pre made bases blended with essential oils ( read more )..... 08/08/2013 closed
13-01092 Environmental Toxicology laboratory needed for environmental toxicology testing: aquatic toxicity test (Laboratory LC50 96 hrs.) for a product which is highly insoluble for the purpose of classifying under GHS. Please let me know if your lab can conduct such product testing. ( read more )..... 08/06/2013 closed
13-01078 Toxicology Laboratory and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for OECD Testingfor physical properties testing of a pitch-like material that is very dark and highly viscous. ( read more )..... 08/01/2013 closed
13-01069 Oil Refinery needs Product Safety Toxicology Laboratory for product safety testing for better hazard information. We are interested in testing some products for skin irritation. Would your company be able to provide this service? And if so, what would the price range be per product? ( read more )..... 07/30/2013 closed
13-01039 Lawyer needs product safety and toxicology laboratory for toxicity testing of client's over-the-counter hand cream product. Upon application, the skin on her hands and feet were badly burned, to the point of nerve damage. My client retained a portion of the product which is currently in her possession. I am looking for contact information for a lab that does testing of pharmaceuticals and could give an opinion as to toxicity of this pharmaceutical handcream. ( read more )..... 07/25/2013 closed
13-01037 Life Science Company needs Europe, Asia OECD Toxicology Laboratory needed for REACH Regulatory compliance testing for chemical substances ( read more )..... 07/25/2013 closed
13-01024 Consumer Products Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicology testing of New birthday candle line needing test for toxins/metals. ( read more )..... 07/23/2013 closed
13-01021 Europe Preclinical Toxicology Laboratory needed for Sensitization Testing , according to 11979-5, applied to intraocular lenses ( read more )..... 07/22/2013 closed
13-00987 India Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for bioanalytical testing: comet assay and apoptosis testing, 10 animal tissue samples. ( read more )..... 07/10/2013 closed
13-00960 Toxicology Laboratory needed for safety testing and feasibility testing of sodium picramate in henna based hair dye. ( read more )..... 07/01/2013 closed
13-00953 USA GLP Certified Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for GLP Toxicology Studies: biochemical pesticide (bactericide/fungicide) and we need to determine its mode of action, e.g. if it has a toxic or non toxic mode of action. Can you perform such a test? ( read more )..... 06/30/2013 closed
13-00940 North America Microbiology or TOxicology Laboratory needed for disinfectant testing: hard surface disinfectant in development, requiring toxicology testing ("6-pack") for an EPA submission. It is a ready to use solution incorporating quats and low amounts of alcohol; common to existing formulations. ( read more )..... 06/24/2013 closed
13-00932 Toxicology and Microbiology Laboratory needed for toxicology testing for hair care products: for testing on toxicological risk assessment, ingredient review, labeling review, anti-microbial preservatives effectiveness, microbial contamination test, heavy metals/ mercury content, phthalates in cosmetics, 1,4 Dioxane test (21 CFR), N-nitrosodiethanolamine (NDELA), 26 allergenic fragrances, nitro musk compound, pH value, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, primary aromatic amines, screening of ( read more )..... 06/20/2013 closed
13-00925 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory and Toxicology Laboratory needed for AOAC Testing of Hydrocyanic acid to AOAC 18th Edn 2005 ( read more )..... 06/19/2013 closed
13-00924 Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicology testing of agaric acid product ( read more )..... 06/19/2013 closed
13-00922 Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for Chronic ecotoxicity testing on petroleum refinery effluent ( read more )..... 06/19/2013 closed
13-00916 Toronto Clinical Toxicology laboratory needed for blood testing to review/test blood and urine samples, taken during a autopsy,alcohol levels. ( read more )..... 06/14/2013 closed
13-00899 Toxicology Laboratory needed for cosmetics toxicology testing. ( read more )..... 06/06/2013 closed
13-00884 USA GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for GLP OECD Toxicology Testing. Biopolymer Testing. 1 sample (more to follow) of a bio-polymer (DfE criteria set as chelant) to be tested for data used in an independent review for CleanGredients. Test must be inhalation (not oral). Please provide quote for: OECD 422, 421, and 412. ( read more )..... 06/04/2013 closed
13-00875 US Toxicology Laboratory needed for 13-Week toxicology testing of cobalt hexacyaide per NTP protocol ( read more )..... 06/03/2013 closed
13-00815 International Organization needs Middle East forensic and toxicology laboratory for forensic and toxicology testing here in Afghanistan. Especially interested in the potential for samples testing in Kabul. ( read more )..... 05/21/2013 closed
13-00803 Toxicology, Bioanalytical and Environmental Laboratory needed for materials testing of face mask material for respirator with the characteristics of dustproof, antibiotics, and antipollution for protection from respiratory hazards, such as chemical and environmental hazards, as well as airborne biohazards. ( read more )..... 05/17/2013 closed
13-00772 Accredited and regulated Bioanalytical and toxicology laboratory needed for bioanalytical testing: Human tissue cyctoxicity, DNA quantitation, Histology, Biochemical, Biomechanical strength ( read more )..... 05/08/2013 closed
13-00714 Large Corporation needs Toxicology Laboratory for the e-screen assay for estrogen activity, also known as the MCF-7 assay. ( read more )..... 04/29/2013 closed
13-00710 India Toxicology Laboratory needed for WHO Testing: Mosquito repellancy testing and Toxicology Tests as per WHO guidelines ( read more )..... 04/29/2013 closed
13-00698 India Marine Toxicology Laboratory needed for cytotoxicology testing of marine fish crude skin mucus/spine crude sample full of toxicology assay and enzyme assay and cytotoxic assay ( read more )..... 04/25/2013 closed
13-00677 South California Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicity testing for lead, cadmium, for a colorful hand-painted reading glass with matching hand painted hard cases, all manufactured in China on their face, handles it and the case, could be exposed to higher amounts of these types of metals, etc. This would be a one-time test event with a representative sample of the product. ( read more )..... 04/23/2013 closed
13-00672 Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicology testing of samples of laboratory chemical (2,7-dimethyl dibenzo dioxin) for testing its toxic properties like mutagenicity/ teratogenicity on rats, guinea pigs, monkeys etc. Please give us your quotation, quantity of sample required, time duration of study, etc. ( read more )..... 04/22/2013 closed
13-00631 "ISO Toxicology Laboratory needed for Toxicology testing of medical device with mucosa contact for 510k G95-1 compliance" ( read more )..... 04/12/2013 closed
13-00625 USA FDA GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for Toxicology Testing. FDA/GLP Biocompatibility Testing. Acute Systemic Toxicity ISO:10993-11 Subacute Tx ISO:10993-11 Sub-chonic Tox ISO: 10993-11 Cytotoxicity ISO: 10993-5 Intraxcutaneous Reactivity ISO: 10993-10 Intramuscular Implantation ISO: 10993-6 Sensitization ISO: 10993-10 Homocompatibility ISO: 10993-4 Hemolysis ISO:10993-4 Thromboresistance ISO: 10993-4 Pyrogenicity ISO: 10993-11 Genotoxicity ISO: 10993-3 Chronic Toxicity ISO: ( read more )..... 04/09/2013 closed
13-00616 USA environmental toxicology laboratory needed for EPA Six pack toxicology testing for submission to US-EPA ( read more )..... 04/08/2013 closed
13-00570 India toxicology laboratory needed for toxicology testing for Extractable & Leachable Study for rubber closures ( read more )..... 03/28/2013 closed
13-00560 Toxicology Laboratory needed for water toxicity testing for electrolysis component that touches water and need testing done as required by the State for toxicity to the NSF Standard 61 ( read more )..... 03/26/2013 closed
13-00557 Canada or USA Toxicology Laboratory needed for Toxicology Testing: 28-day inhalation study (mamallian) per EPA guideline, EPA, 870.3465 -Inhalation Toxicity ( read more )..... 03/26/2013 closed
13-00525 US Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicology testing for toxicity and corrossiveness for regulatory purposes.Toxicology (Skin/Eye) / Corrossivity on finished good per OECD Test Guideline No. 4042. Eye Irritation - testing on finished good per OECD Test Guideline No. 4053. Corrosive - testing on finished good per NACE Standard TM-01-69 (1976 Revision) ( read more )..... 03/20/2013 closed
13-00524 Europe Food Laboratory needed for food toxicology testing of Larix Dahurica extract for application as a novel food - needed testing according to OECD Guidelines 471 (AMES test), 475 (in vitro chromosomal abberation assay) and optional 487 (in vivo chromosomal abberation assay). ( read more )..... 03/20/2012 closed
13-00519 India, China and Eastern Europe FDA GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for genotxicoloy testing: 28 days Toxicology and GenoToxicoloy by facility GLP certified 28days toxicology, oncology drug ( read more )..... 03/20/2013 closed
13-00500 USA Toxicology Laboratory needed for OPPTS Toxicology Testing: Rodent Heritable Translocation Assays (OPPTS 870.5460) oral + inhalation test ( read more )..... 03/15/2013 closed
13-00459 India toxicology laboratory needed for toxicology testing and eco-toxicity testing: 1.Acute oral toxicity 2.Acute inhalation toxicity 3.Acute dermal toxicity 4.Skin irritation 5.Eye irritation 6.Ecotoxicity ( read more )..... 03/12/2013 closed
13-00422 FDA GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for Toxicity Testing: Genotoxicity battery testing." ( read more )..... 03/06/2013 closed
13-00419 India Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicity testing of latex from Wrightia tinctoria plant has toxic effect on humans taken in any quantity with curd ( read more )..... 03/06/2013 closed
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