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cosmetics Laboratory Testing Requests

14-01053 UK Cosmetic development laboratory needed for cosmetics product development including for analysis of features, benefits and qualities of the product. Contract Manufacturer and Contract packager also needed. Could you let me know if this is possible and if so what the process would be and how much each stage would cost. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00983 Cosmetics Manufacturer needs Italy consumer product safety laboratory for consumer product safety testing on mascara. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00933 South Africa Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Deformulation testing of skin lightening cream from ingredients list and sample of cream." ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00923 Cosmetics consumer products laboratory needed for ethnic hair care formulation testing of 2 in 1 tingling shampoo & conditioner, hot grow hair & scalp treatment conditioner, anti-breakage strengthening cream, temple & nape grow balm, intensive spot serum hair & scalp treatment, damaged hair treatment mask ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00856 Europe analytical chemistry laboratory needed for hair treatment testing ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00855 Asia analytical chemistry laboratory for cosmetics testing for determining titanium dioxide in cosmetic products using inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) or other methods or not. If yes, please let me know lead time, cost of testing and amount of sample you need. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00854 Microbiology laboratory needed for efficacy testing on natural alcohol free mouthwash. The broth method must be used. The specifications are as follows: ? Must be 100% bactericidal against below mentioned organisms after the duration of between 30 and 60 seconds ( Preferably 30secs). o S.mitis o S.aureus o S.mutans o E.faecalis o F.nucleatum o P.gingivalis o C.albicans o C.glabrata o C.tropicalis o A.actinomycetemcomitans Dosage instructions: Rinse with 15ml mouthwash for 30 sec ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00827 Cosmetics Laboratory needed for skincare analysis of 8 skin care samples ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00804 Los angeles analytical chemistry ,cosmetics laboratory needed for cosmetics testing of Shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatments. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00728 Cosmetics laboratory needed for formulation testing of homeopathic nail fungus treatment created with natural ingredients ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00721 Hong Kong and China analytical chemistry and microbiology laboratory needed for cosmetics testing at least one of the following type : chemical testing/ Microbiology testing efficacy testing /spf testing/ toxicology testing ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00684 Chemical/Microbiological/Toxicological/Claim Support & Efficacy Testing/Legal Services....for COSMETIC & Personal Care Products ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00617 China Product Safety Laboratory needed for Repeat Insult Patch Testing (RIPT) for skin care products. address: ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00573 Beautycare manufacturer needs US and EU approved analytical chemistry and consumer safety laboratory needed for reverse engineering, chemistry and consumer safety testing of an Argan Oil based shampoo formula from a well-established brand. The product needs to meet all safety and quality requirements in the USA & EU We will require 1-5 samples of the finished product, for quality testing. We will also appreciate if the company can provide full packaging for the product. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00477 Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Stability Testing for Shelf-Life , Expiration Dating and Microbiology Testing of 24 Products. Blends of sunflower oil and essential oils, and blends of witch hazel, aloe, water, botanical extracts, and essential oils. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00440 Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for formulation testing of new cosmetics skin cream including microbiology bacteria testing and chemistry viscosity testing. How much do you need to have cream tested? What is the cost? ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00436 India analytical chemistry laboratory needed for HPLC analysis of optical brightner: Mobile phase : n-hexane:ethyl acetate =90:10 2 Wavelength : 365nm 3 Seperation column: silicagel column CLC-SIL 150X4.6mm 5um 4 Detactor : uv detector 5 Mashine : 1. liquid chromatograph ( Shimadzu ) 2 . SPD-10AVP uv detector ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00269 Canada cosmetics laboratory needed for cosmetics formulation testig for a cosmetics laboratory that can create a variety of bio- cosmetics products from cream to shampoo. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00240 Contract Laboratory needed for perfume testing: malodor counteractant efficacy studies ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00106 United States Cosmetic Chemistry Laboratory needed for skin lotion testing: deformulation on one of our skin lotions as well as for a small comptetive set. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00074 Cosmetics Manufacturers needs cosmetics chemistry laboratory for cosmetics testing of body, face, hair creams and skin care products. Ingredient and stability testing for ingredient analysis and and expiration dates for the products ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00073 Canada Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for hair wax deformulation / reverse engineering testing. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00066 Consumer Products Laboratory needed for consumer products panel study testing for anti-aging serum for face and eyes. We did some testing for it, but we want to do a new test study ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00054 India cosmetics laboratory needed for skincare testing ( read more )....., Lab Needed
14-00044 Cosmetics analytical chemistry laboratory needed for formulation development testing and stability testing of cosmetics skin care face pack that would have a shelf life of at least 30 days and it could be in a lotion/cream form or a kit form where things get mixed in based on the customer requirement. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
13-01659 North America Cosmetics Laboratory needed for Cosmetics Finished Product Testing efficacy of a skin care product on its ability to protect cells from oxidative damage--either with an assay to measure oxidative stress or ORAC in the product ( read more )....., Lab Needed
13-01658 Startup hair growth manufacturer needs ISO microbiology laboratory needed for microbiology quality control testing. Need to evaluate to establish a batch control system for measure of sterility,toxicolity, expected shelf life, etc ( read more )....., Lab Needed
13-01633 US consumer product safety laboratory needed for allergy testing. Test biological samples (plant matter) for fragrance allergies specifically Methyl Eugenol, Safrole, and Estragole (as noted in the 7th Amendment to the European Cosmetic Directive) ( read more )....., Lab Needed
13-01572 India cosmetics laboratory needed for laboratory cosmetics chemical testing ( read more )....., Lab Needed
13-01516 Cosmetics Company needs cosmetics analytical chemistry laboratory for shampoo testing: test and quantify cocoamide dea in shampoo products. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
13-01496 India analytical chemistry laboratory needed for perfume testing: stability of colors of perfumes and solid perfumes ( read more )....., Lab Needed
13-01472 Consumer Products Laboratory needed for hair extension identification testing to determine composition of human vs. synthetic hair I hair extensions ( read more )....., Lab Needed
13-01436 UK cosmetic analytical chemistry laboratory needed for formulation testing of shower gel that contains nno harsh chemicals. ( read more )....., closed
13-01394 USA cosmetics laboratory needed for cosmetic olfactory testing: odor intensity measurement of cosmetic ingredient (oil) samples. Anticipate 12 samples per month, on an ongoing basis. ( read more )....., Closed
13-01392 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for deformulation testing / reverse engineering testing cosmetic hair care products. This project will consist of breaking down product formulations both identifying and quantifying the ingredients/raw materials used in the creation of the product. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
13-01364 Large UAE Cosmetics Manufacturer needs microbiology laboratory for efficacy testing of anti-lice shampoo ( read more )....., Lab Needed
13-01335 Cosmetics Company needed for food laboratory for metal testing for food, like supplement. Please provide pricing. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
13-01287 Organic skin care company needs microbiology laboratory for microbiology testing (bacteria, mold, yeast, fungus) in skin care lotions, clay masks ( read more )....., Lab Needed
13-01257 California analytical chemistry laboratory needed for cosmetic face care formulation testing, Reverse formulation testing, deformulation testing ( read more )....., Lab Needed
13-01243 Asia toxicology laboratory needed for cosmetics toxicology testing: toxicological assessment to introduce our new cosmetic product in Europe market ( read more )....., Lab Needed
13-01193 Cosmetics analytical chemistry laboratory needed for cosmetics testing of Collagen gel cosmetic. Product Identity Confirmation Testing 3 ingredients: collagen, water and lactic acid. One sample, or one per each test - not sure. Product is temperature sensitive has to be handled in max 79 degrees F preferable methods are:1. Stegemann's method2. Raman spectroscopy3. Kjeldahl method ( read more )....., closed
13-01189 Texas physical laboratory to needed for ASTM Testing: Aerosol testing for flashpoint testing for personal care products and the Flammability of Aerosol Products to ASTM for Flash Point & ASTM D3065 Standard Test Methods for Flammability of Aerosol Products ( read more )....., closed
13-01138 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for generic nail polish testing of nail polish made by a local company outside USA. I wonder where I can get service for: 1. analyze the product components 2. modify the product upon specification that will be provided later on. ( read more )....., closed
13-01133 FDA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for deformulation testing of current FDA approved sunscreens on the market for the purpose of rebranding for a new start up sunscreen company. ( read more )....., closed
13-01102 Consumer Products Laboratory needed for cosmetics testing of 13 products: toxicology testing, microbiology testing and stability testing. The 13 products consist of bubble bath, shower gel, moisture lotion, shampoo, conditioner, hand wash and lip balm pre made bases blended with essential oils ( read more )....., closed
13-01096 Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for cosmetics testing: cosmetic raw-material testing for sericite. Please indicate how long and how much would it cost for C.O.A? address: ( read more )....., closed
13-01091 Analytical consumer products laboratory needed for inorganic and organic materials testing of facial mud. need to see what inorganic or organic material? ( read more )....., closed
13-01040 Consumer Products Laboratory needed for cosmetics consumer products testing: wearbility testing of nail polish after it has been applied? ( read more )....., closed
13-01035 Microbiology Laboratory needed for cosmetics microbiology testing: cosmetics challenge test acclerated microbial... ( read more )....., closed
13-00995 Cosmetics analytical chemistry laboratory needed for cosmetics testing ( read more )....., closed
13-00993 India cosmetics analytical chemistry laboratory needed for soap testing ( read more )....., closed
13-00972 India cosmetics analytical chemistry laboratory needed for soap testing. ( read more )....., closed
13-00966 Small organic beauty products company needs cosmetics analytical chemistry laboratory for organic cosmetics testing to get our products tested by your organization so as to prove that there are no chemicals in our products. is your organization a recognized one?Do you give a certificate of the testing that is been done? How much time will it take for the testing?How much would it cost?What should be the quantity of the sample sent. Regards Lata ( read more )....., closed
13-00960 Toxicology Laboratory needed for safety testing and feasibility testing of sodium picramate in henna based hair dye. ( read more )....., closed
13-00956 Korea skincare company products needs consumer products safety laboratory for consumer safety testing and skincare efficacy tests, finished product tests, functional tests to substantiate our product functions. ( read more )....., closed
Toxicology testing for cosmetic products such as hair creams, shampoos, and conditioners. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
13-00936 Large Cosmetics Manufacturer needs cosmetics analytical chemistry laboratory for N-nitros group testing including individual Nitrosamine testing, ANTC and individual up to ten samples of a raw ingredient. ( read more )....., closed
13-00932 Toxicology and Microbiology Laboratory needed for toxicology testing for hair care products: for testing on toxicological risk assessment, ingredient review, labeling review, anti-microbial preservatives effectiveness, microbial contamination test, heavy metals/ mercury content, phthalates in cosmetics, 1,4 Dioxane test (21 CFR), N-nitrosodiethanolamine (NDELA), 26 allergenic fragrances, nitro musk compound, pH value, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, primary aromatic amines, screening of preservations content- QC checking, and Product information file ( read more )....., closed
13-00929 Europe cosmetics analytical chemistry laboratory needed for skincare cosmetics testing of an "Instant anti-wrinkle serum" that erases all lines and wrinkles in under 3 minutes. I have the list of ingredients and % but not the formulation. My request: 1) You already have this serum and can sell it to me in my own brand name. You have all the necessary European documents to sell. Actually I import from the USA but they do not have the required European regulation ISO papers. 2) You can do the European tests on the American product and obtain the required certificates. 3) You can develop a similar product that will be equally effective using the list of ingredients that I will supply and will obtain the European documentation under my name. If you are able to help me with one of these solutions I would like to know your price for the solution that you can provide. ( read more )....., closed
13-00911 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for nail polish dye identification testing of a Line of 80 nail polish products with up to the maximum of six dyes for product. Monthly production of 40 nail polish for dyes identification CI 12085 CI 15850 CI 15880 CI 19140 CI 42090 CI 77007 CI 77163 CI 77266 CI 77491 CI 77499 CI 77510 CI 77742 CI 77891 ( read more )....., closed
13-00919 Cosmetics analytical chemistry laboratory needed for cosmetic chemistry testing of custom formulated range of skincare products that will be imported from overseas. Some of these products are custom-formulated. Before we proceed, we would like to know the exact concentration of the ingredients on the products and not just rely on what the manufacturer told us. The products range from lotions, toner, creams to soaps. Also, please send your fee schedule. ( read more )....., closed
13-00912 Consumer Products Laboratory needed for comparison study testing: competitors study on bee venom cosmetics products ( read more )....., closed
13-00899 Toxicology Laboratory needed for cosmetics toxicology testing. ( read more )....., closed
13-00887 USA contract laboratory and contract manufacturer for effervescent needed for shower tablets. 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 inch We have an existing formulation. must be packed in thick aluminum foil. ( read more )....., closed
13-00801 USA Packaging Laboratory needed for Cosmetics Packaging Testing: Leak/Leakage Tests )For liquid filled cosmetics). In addition, I need induction seal testing. Quick turnaround. ( read more )....., closed
13-00708 Need to test eyeshadow an foundations need to make sure my products are ready for the public ( read more )....., closed
13-00652 USA consumer products laboratory needed for compliance testing of aromatherapy product. Need a "not detected" panel for aromatherapy product to prove compliance with louisiana law by showing the product contains no banned substances. ( read more )....., closed
13-00575 Northeast USA FDA-compliant Pharmacuetical and Cosmetics Research Laboratory needed for that stability study and accelerated stability study on teeth whitening gels (containing hydrogen peroxide). ( read more )....., closed
13-00518 Microbiology laboratory needed for microbiology testing for micro growth for GPR is 100 total aerobic plate count. ( read more )....., closed
13-00513 India cosmetic analytical chemistry laboratory needed for cosmetic formulation of developing a new formulation in dermatology as a face cream. I just wanted your guidance, what kind of studies are required to approve such product. It contains generic API's however formulation is innovative. I will appreciate your views and suggestions. ( read more )....., closed
13-00427 UK microbiology laboratory needed for Challenge testing, Stability testing, and dermatological testing to conform with the new cosmetics regulations EC1223/2009 ( read more )....., closed
13-00424 US, India or Europe Clinical Laboratory needed for non-GLP study. Test FDA approved inflammatory response of common cosmetic ingredients via Skin Endpoint Tritration (Wheal and Flare). " ( read more )....., closed
13-00403 Canadian Contract Research Organization CRO needed for preservative testing of personal care products ( read more )....., closed
13-00339 Australia / Asia Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Fluoride Assay on a Calcium carbonate based toothpaste with Sodium mono fluorophosphate ( read more )....., closed
13-00329 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for deformulation testing of a bath crystal product ( read more )....., closed
13-00257 Eastern USA FDA GMP microbiology laboratory needed for FDA GMP Quality Control QC testing for microbial contamination of organic raw materials and finished products - hair oils, skin lotions etc., ( read more )....., closed
13-00207 Toxicology laboratory needed for cosmetic toxicology testing: Repeat Insult Patch Test (RIPT) and Cumulative Irritation Test (CIT). ( read more )....., closed
13-00183 New York cosmetics laboratory for needed packaging testing , shelf life testing , formula testing Hair creme in need to formulate the ingredients in a professional level ( read more )....., closed
13-00160 FDA Cosmetics Laboratory needed for lip blam formulation testing to know how much caffeine I can put into my lip balms ( read more )....., closed
13-00034 USA FDA Microbiology Laboratory needed for FDA preservative efficacy testing to determine if preservative is effective in my skin care formula. ( read more )....., closed
12-2332 FDA GMP cosmetics laboratory needed for FDA GMP cosmetic analyis ( read more )....., closed
12-2329 Europe cosmetics laboratory needed for EU compliance testing for sale of natural skin care products. (3) ( read more )....., closed
12-2292 USA Analytical chemistry sensory laboratory needd for reverse engineering of a human biologic scent and felt that we have to analyze the sample, reverse engineer it to come up with an equivalent scent with or without the enzymes, proteins, etc... that are likely present ( read more )....., closed
12-2228 Canada Cosmetics Laboratory needed for cosmetic testing: Stability Testing, Viscosity Testing & Rheology testing on Personal Care Ointments and Creams ( read more )....., closed
12-2212 FDA, GMP compliant laboratory needed for ISO Testing of N-nitrosodiethanolamine (NDELA) testing ( read more )....., closed
12-2194 Cosmetic Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for formaldehyde testing: new keratin hair treatment for formaldehyde/aldehyde contents. They are released when heat is applied. ( read more )....., closed
12-2184 USA cosmetics analytical chemistry laboratory needed for deformulation testing of cosmetic product for series of spa treatments to find out what exactly is in the product ( read more )....., closed
12-2123 Europe analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ISO Testing and ASTM Testing of cosmetics: Clorometil isotiazolinona (CIT) Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) Amyl Cinnamal (CAS nº 122-40-7) Cinnamyl alcohol (CAS nº 104-54-1) Citral (CAS nº 5393-40-5) Eugenol (CAS nº 97-53-0) Hydroxycitronellal (CAS nº 107-75-5) Isoeugenol (CAS nº 97-54-1) Benzyl salicilate (CAS nº 118-58-1) Cinnamal (CAS nº 104-55-2) Coumarin (CAS nº 91-64-5) Geraniol (CAS nº 106-24-1) Hydroxy-methylpentycyclohexenecarboxaldehyde (CAS nº31906-04-4) Amisyl alcohol (CAS nº 105-13-5) Benzyl Cinnamate (CAS nº 103-41-3) Farnesol (CAS nº 4602-84-0) 2-(4-tert-butylbenzyl)propionaldeyde (CAS nº 80-54-6) Linalool (CAS nº 78-70-6) Benzyl Benzoate (CAS nº 120-51-4) Citronellol (CAS nº 106-22-9) Hexyl Cinnam-aldehyde (CAS nº 101-86-0) d-Limonene (CAS nº 5989-27-5) Methyl 2-octynoate (CAS nº 111-12-6) Methyl heptine carbonate 3-Methyl-4-(2,6,6-tri-methyl-2-cyclohexen-1-yl)-3-buten-2-one (CAS nº 127-51-5) Oak Moss Extract (CAS nº 90028-68-5) Treemoss extract (CAS nº 90028-67-4) Number of samples: undetermined ( read more )....., closed
12-2096 India or China FDA GLP Clinical Laboratory needed for FDA GLP Clinical testing on humans, including RIPT, moisturization, anti-perspirant to US standards. Also consider lab doing Mat Tek tests ( read more )....., closed
12-2056 USA or Canada FDA GMP cosmetics laboratory needed for cosmetic finished produt testing for Nitrosamine as a buy product in finished products,ie: Facial Cream and Mud. ( read more )....., closed
12-2042 Analytial hemistry laboratory needed for cosmetic testing. Need to know chemical breakdown showing what elements make up each moisterizer or serum product with the percentage of each contained. ( read more )....., closed
12-2033 FDA GMP Cosmetics Laboratory needed for FDA SPF Testing of cosmetic product tested for SPF with the FDA testing guidelines. ( read more )....., closed
12-2025 Eastern USA Cosmetics Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing: standard microbiology yeast, mold, fungus for facial cosmetics including creams, serums and lotions. ( read more )....., closed
12-1968 India Sensory Laboratory needed for perfume testing ( read more )....., closed
12-1935 Canada microbiology laboratory needed for skin care product preservative efficiency to be challenge tested. ( read more )....., closed
12-1915 Washington sensory laboratory needed for sniff testing 9000 units of finished product formulated to be fragrance free however in the filling a small amount of fragrance entered the product. We need someone with sensory expertice to go through each piece to determine which items have fragrance present. ( read more )....., closed
12-1903 US FDA GMP microbiology laboratory needed for USP Testing of D.I. water ( read more )....., closed
12-1902 Washington Sensory Laboratory needed for on-site odor testing of a fine fragrance liquid cosmetic ( read more )....., closed
12-1895 Southwest USA FDA GMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for oil testing. Test to determine compositions of two different oil compounds to use as lotions on body. ( read more )....., closed
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