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    Environmental Lab Suppliers, Independent Environmental Laboratories for Environmental testing, Environmental services, Environmental research, Environmental analysis, Environmental assays, Environmental scientific, Environmental science, Environmental R&D, Environmental supplies, Environmental experiments, Environmental development, Environmental engineering, Environmental investigations, Environmental examinations

    Environmental Laboratory Testing Requests

    14-00915 Environmental laboratory for soil testing: analysis of soil for coccidioides immitis fungus. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00893 Large engineering firm needs physical chemistry laboratory for Particle size distribution testing of particulate samples collected on 3" glass or quartz filter media from flue gas stream. Estimate 6 to 8 samples. Particle size for 3 or 4 samples approx. 0.2um to 50 um; for other 3 or 4 samples approx. 0.2 um to 10 um. Required price per sample and time for analysis. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00892 University Researcher needs environmental laboratory for seawater testing ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00829 Asia GLP environmental toxicology laboratory needed for ecotoxicology and environmental fate testing, biodegradation testing, Whole effluent testing. Prefer GLP and experience with petroleum substances. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00824 University researcher performing research on treatment of wastewater using nanaotechnology, needs environmental laboratory for wasterwater testing to conduct lab tests in South Africa. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00796 ISO Netherlands Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing : On site environmental monitoring for viable counts in clean room" ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00774 California environmental laboratory needed for pathogen testing: biohazards and bloodborne pathogens on a pipe residuals sample coming from a clinic that is under renovation. I am looking for a Laboratory in the Bay Area (California) that performs such testing. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00717 OECD Environmental Laboratory needed for enzzyme biodegradability testing of a few chemicals. study/measurement of chemicals according to OECD 302 methods? Thank you ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00676 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for water testing Out GC/MS is down, and we need a complete characterization of 3-5 water samples in order to know what direction to go with our treatment options. We would like the tests to run to the 1ppm level. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00621 India environmental chemistry laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Agriculture product. Fumigation Cover o ASTM 739-85 Standard Test Method for Permeation of Liquids and Gases through Protective Clothing Materials under Conditions of Continuous Contact ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00619 Paper mill needs environmental analytical chemistry laboratory for water testing: GC/MS testing as our GC/MS is down, and we need a complete characterization of 3-5 water samples in order to know what direction to go with our treatment options. We would like the tests to run to the 1ppm level. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00616 Environmental laboratory needed for BOTTOM ASH ANALYSIS FOR THE FF CONTENT: 1 LOT >Moisture content >SiO2 >AI2O3 >Fe2O3 >CaO >MgO >SO3 >Ignition loss/Carbon content >Particle size analysis LIMESTONE ANALYSIS FOR THE FF CONTENT: >Moisture Content >CaCO3 >MgCO3 ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00572 Middle East environmental / mechanical laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Waterproofing Membranes to several ASTM Standards: ASTM D638, ASTM D1004,ASTM D1000,ASTM E154,ASTMD570 ASTMD543, and ASTME96 ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00568 Washington Environmental Laboratory needed for waste water testing for Surfactants, detergents anionic and cationic ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00563 Research fellow needs environmental laboratory for water quality testing. Perchlorate sample of drinking water from Kathmandu , Nepal. 50 to 100 samples ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00548 Natural environmental chemistry laboratory needed for development and manufacturing of eco friendly cleaning products " ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00457 Environmental Laboratory needed for drinking water testing: Uranium analysis in drinking water range 10 - 700 ppb ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00344 Agriculture / Environmental Laboratory needed for USP Testing. Pesticide Testing to USP 561. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00302 US environmental microbiology laboratory needed for soil testing to evaluate the effect of an agricultural fungistat on the beneficial fungi in the soil. If there is an adverse effect, time needed for recovery? Field plus lab portion preferred. GLP not required. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00250 USA Environmental chemistry Laboratory needed for gas chromatography testing. Gas analysis of gas samples that we need to analyze for SF6 and CH4. The concentrations are around 50 ppt (SF6) or ppm (CH4) but can be as low as 5-10. Please suggest labs to contact. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00217 Middle East Environmental Laboratory needed for radionuclide testing: drinking water testing of water samples for different drinking water wells suspected to contain radionuclides , discovered during geophysical logging . ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00204 Environmental laboratory needed for soil testing. Soil composition testing of soil/ground samples that could provide information about what it is composed ofpotential gypsum site ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00201 Asia Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for OECD Biodegradability testing as per the protocol of "OECD301C" for our BIOSURFACTANT. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00184 University engineering team needs analytical chemistry testing of water samples from a water treatment process. We have finished testing of samples containing known concentrations of Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium (artificial sweeteners) and are looking to analyze them for concentrations remaining. All samples are prepared and ready for shipment.HPLC and Mass Spec appear to be the accepted methods for analyzing these types of samples. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00172 United States Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for Pesticide Toxicology Study: OCSPP guideline 850.1055 -Estuarine/marine invertebrate embryo larval study ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00111 USA or Europe Toxicology Laboratory needed for endocrine toxicology testing: Validated Tier 1 EDSP Screens EPA Protocols for Tier 1 EDSP Screening assays ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00110 Electroplating manufacturer needs materials laboratory for environmental simulation evaluation: salt spray testing for 600/ hours ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    14-00024 Indonesia environmental laboratory needed for iron testing in sand for iron content ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01661 Europe environmental microbiology laboratory needed for water testing - microbiology testing ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01653 Environmental Laboratory needed for sand testing. Sand that was taken from an area where there was a fire a few years back. I ran an Organic Impurities test on it (ASTM C40) and it was very dark, high orgaincs. I am wondering if you run any tests on sand that could tell me what exactly are the impurirtie in this sand. Wondering if it is ash , carbon, etc. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01650 Africa Environmental Laboratory needed for water testing: efficiency of water purification using moringa oleifera ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01590 USA EPA Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for EPA Toxicity Testing: Chronic Whole Effluent Toxicity Monitoring Requirements: The Water Quality Standards of Mississippi require that all waters be free from substances in concentrations or combinations which are harmful to human, animals, or aquatic life (State of Mississippi, Water Quality Criteria for intrastate and Coastal Waters, Section II.4., Minimum Conditions Applicable to All Waters, page 3, adopted March 22, 1990). In accordance with such requirements, the permittee is authorized to discharge from outfall 001 only in accordance with the following conditions: (1) The permittee shall submit any existing toxicity data for review by the Mississippi Office of Pollution Control within 30 days of the effective date of this permit. (2) The permittee shall perform 7-day chronic, static renewal, definitive (a control and five effluent concentrations) WET tests in accordance with Short-Term Methods for Estimating the Chronic Toxicity of Effluents and Receiving Water to Freshwater Organisms, (EPA/600/4-89/001) or Short-Term Methods for Estimating the Chronic Toxicity of Effluents and Receiving Waters to Marine and Estuarine Organisms, (EPA/600/4-87/028) or the most recent edition*. [WPC-1 Chapter Two Section VI] (i) Dilution water used for these tests shall consist of reagent grade water, defined as distilled or deionized water that does not contain substances which are toxic to the test organisms. For freshwater tests, ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01575 Canada Agriculture environmental laboratory needed for soil testing of agricultural soil sample tested for an Oats crop in the spring. How long does it take to get results and what is the cost? Thank you ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01532 EPA GLP, USA Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for EPA GLP Pesticide Testing: Antimicrobial pesticide for EPA testingEnvironmental fate - Hydrolysis, Photodegradation, Activated Sludge/Respiration Inhibition. Nontarget Organisms and Plants - Acute avian oral tox, acute freshwater fish tox, acute freshwater invertebrates, Aquatic plant growth (algal) ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01514 Large Environmental Company needs environmental analytical chemistry laboratory for chemical testing: ASTM solvent testing to ASTM E299 Peroxides in organic solvents ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01479 Research and Development Organization needs materials environmental laboratory for rock testing and soil testing. Need to test several rock and soil samples for composition. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01454 Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing: environmental conditions and test procedures for airbone equipment-section 13 : Fungus Resistannce to RTCA-DO 160 G, Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01426 Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for biomass testing: ultimate & proximate analysis and TGA Thermo gravimetric analysis Environmental Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing analysis of biomass. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01400 India geophysical laboratory needed for ground testing. test for sink holes under concrete up to thirty feet down ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01343 Texas environmental laboratory needed for soil testing: mineral analysis for gold, oil, or water minerals. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01340 Florida environmental laboratory needed for pesticide testing on live oak trees, testing for herbicide in plant tissue ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01333 Environmental Simulation Laboratory needed for marine environmental testing: IEC Testing to IEC 60945, Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems - General requirements - Methods of testing and required test results. Need to perform environmental testing on marine gyrocompass products. Test needed: a) Rain test (IEC 945:1994, 4.4.8); b) Conducted interference test (IEC 945:1994, 4.5.3); c) Radiated interference test (IEC 945:1994, 4.5.4); d) Acoustic noise test (IEC 945:1994, 4.5.7). ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01321 Toronto environmental laboratory needed for material testing of HVAC vent in condominium. ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01309 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing, Swirling Flask Dispersant Effectiveness testing ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01304 Environmental Laboratory needed for water chemical testing ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01303 Soutern USA environmental laboratory needed for soil testing: 2- 3 samples of in-situ soil Oxidizing capacity; Reducing capacity; Neutralization capacity; Adsorption capacity; Cation exchange capacity Acid generation capacity; Iron-aluminum extraction; Mineralogy (XRD); Total organic carbon; and Sulfur extraction ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01290 China environmental laboratory needed for biomass testing and water testing: three samples which are primarily composed of biomass and water and also containing ethanol and acetic acid . We would like to analyze the samples using GCMS and/or LCMS to look for the possible presence of ppm quantities of Benzene Toluene Ethylbenzene Xylenes Phenol Naphthalene ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01277 Environmental microbiology laboratory needed for microbial spore testing on autoclave. Testing needed prior to health department ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01250 Central America environmental laboratory needed for environmental chemistry testing and Water quality testing (nutrients, heavy metals, etc); Sediment sampling (nutrients, heavy metals, etc); Biologic components (coli, etc); Marine and Freshwater samples; Taxonomy ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01242 US Environmental Laboratory needed for biodegradeability testing of mineral oil to Coordinating European Council (CEC) Standard CEC-L-33-A-94, ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01213 Automotive Laboratory needed for mechanical testing: Door Slam Testing System: Specifications- Robot(outer slam) & Pneumatic(inner slam)- 4 vehicle available- Control up to 4 doors- Available In Environmental condition- 200 slams/h, 1.6life-100,000cycle- Test item- GMW15094 Door inner slam test & measuring - objective data.- GMW15093 Door check load durability test ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01210 Environmental Laboratory needed for environmental testing: ASTM Testing of 4 samples per year to ASTM International Method D7066-04 Standard Test Method for dimer/trimer of chlorotrifluoroethylene (S-316) Recoverable Oil and Grease and Nonpolar Material by Infrared Determination ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-01192 Toronto materials laboratory needed for stone testing a new type of stone - chemical testing, durability testing, toxicology testing for any environmental toxins, etc. (stone needs to be proven Ok for construction - building houses; the stone need to be durable enough to surive (not to crack) during temperature changes (from hot to cold and vice versa). ( read more )....., closed
    13-01188 Microbiology laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Virucidal Testing to ASTM E1053 - 11 Standard Test Method to Assess Virucidal Activity of Chemicals Intended for Disinfection of Inanimate, Nonporous Environmental SurfacesASTM E2362 - 09 Standard Practice for Evaluation of Pre-saturated or Impregnated Towelettes for Hard Surface Disinfection. ( read more )....., closed
    13-01137 Environmental metallurgical laboratory needed for soil testing for microscopic gold. The soil has been through the washing process in alluvial gold mining but I suspect not all the gold is being captured. I am located in Ghana, west africa ( read more )....., closed
    13-01125 EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for analytical chemistry testing of liquid that consists of 4 ingredients: gibberelic acid, thiamine,water and trans-cinnamic acid. ( read more )....., closed
    13-01123 Environmental Laboratory needed for OPPTS Testing: Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) tests and if so a quote to execute. OPPTS 835.3110 OPPTS 850.5400 OPPTS 850.1010 OPPTS 850.1075 ( read more )....., closed
    13-01121 ENvironmental Toxicology laboratory needed for OECD environmental toxicology testing. LD50 testing on 600 samples of soil/sand/mud waste over a 5 year period. Relatively non-toxic but Indonesian regulations require samples to be tested ( read more )....., closed
    13-01117 Plastics manufacturer needs environmental toxicology laboratory for plastics toxicology testing of manufacturer's UPVC Pipes (certification testing) which are used in a variety of ground applications. ( read more )....., closed
    13-01111 North Dakota environmental and analytical chemistry laboratory needed for waste water testing: Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) testing of effluent waste water for industrial food processing plant. Approximately 30 COD tests will need to be performed. ( read more )....., closed
    13-01092 Environmental Toxicology laboratory needed for environmental toxicology testing: aquatic toxicity test (Laboratory LC50 96 hrs.) for a product which is highly insoluble for the purpose of classifying under GHS. Please let me know if your lab can conduct such product testing. ( read more )....., closed
    13-01044 Environmental analytical chemistry laboratory needed for rock testing: spectroscopy laser profilometry to calibrate the depth of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy laser shots on rock samples, 50 samples ( read more )....., closed
    13-01023 North America environmental laboratory needed for water testing: Analysis of boron isotopes in water samples ( read more )....., closed
    13-01006 Europe certification laboratory needed for Blue Angel Certification Testing. Company is applying for Blue Angel RAL-UZ 13 certification for salt-free abrasives and require testing of our mineral zeolite. The results would need to be identified in the Annex to the Award Criteria, as required by the Blue Angel administration, which would be included in our application submitted by us to Blue Angel. Upon request, I can email a copy of the Criteria form for further review. Zeolite samples will be shipped by us to the lab for analysis. The samples do not need to be returned. ( read more )....., closed
    13-00999 Large electrical manufacturer needs environmental simulation laboratory for International Electrotechnical Commission IEC Testing of Ground Enhancement Material under IEC 62561-7? (Lightning protection system components (LPSC) - Part 7: Requirements for earthing enchancing compounds ( read more )....., closed
    13-00964 East Coast Physical environmental simulation laboratory needed for pyrochock testing of pyroshock HZ SRS-G's 50 12 100 47 100 100 2000 1300 2800 1300 4000 1875 10000 1875 ( read more )....., closed
    13-00954 Environmental Simulation Laboratory needed for environmental simulation testing of TOOLS for HVAC ( Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome ) for below mentioned parameters. Technical data :- 1) Tool is operated on Compressed Air 2) The Safe Working Pressure is - 90 Psi. 3) It is of Cylinder & Piston Functioning having @4500 Blows per Minutes. 4) The The tools are very Handy having wt. = 3 to 5 kgs. Shape - Pistol Grip Type. ( read more )....., closed
    13-00953 USA GLP Certified Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for GLP Toxicology Studies: biochemical pesticide (bactericide/fungicide) and we need to determine its mode of action, e.g. if it has a toxic or non toxic mode of action. Can you perform such a test? ( read more )....., closed
    13-00944 Environmental analytical chemistry laboratory needed for shallow effluent water testing PSMT Samples particularly the below parameters: 1) pH 2) Color, PCU 3) Oil and Grease, mg/L 4) Total Suspended Solids, mg/L 5) Surfactant, mg/L 6) Phenols, mg/L . Please specify methods of analysis you are using in phenols (gas Chromatograph or chloroform Extraction). ( read more )....., closed
    Water samples Number of samples= 50/-per year ( read more )....., Lab Needed
    13-00942 Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing. Water testing. samples. expected samples is 50/-per year for Number of samples/year1 Gamma Spectroscopy analysis to the spring waters, groundwater and surface water intended for human consumption  Ra 226 Ra228 Pb 210 K40 Cs137 502 Liquid Scintillation analysis to the spring waters, ground water and surface water intended for human consumption  Gross Alpha Gross Beta C14 Sr-90 1443 Gamma Spectroscopy analysis on waste water, sludge, scale and other water( TENORM)  Ra 226 Ra 228 K 40 Cs 134 Cs 137 Th 232 1444 Gamma Spectroscopy -waste water, sludges, scales and other waste(artificial)  Co60 I131 Am241 1445 Alpha Spectroscopy-Waste water, sludges, scales and other waste(artificial(  Po210 Pu238, 239, 240, U238 1446 Liquid Scintillation to the waste water, sludges, scales and other waste(artificial)  Pb210 C14 Sr90 1447 Mass Spectroscopy  U234,235,238 508 Fluorimetry  U234,235,238 509 Spectroscopy X Fluorescense  U234,235,238 5010 Atomic Absorption Spectrometry  U234,235,238 5011 Emission Spectrometry with atomic induction plasma  U234,235,238 5012 Radon Dosimeter Cr39 Polymer  U234,235,238 50 ( read more )....., closed
    13-00934 New York environmental laboratory needed cleaning validation testing Cleaning validation by total organic carbon (UP 643) ( read more )....., closed
    13-00928 Environmental laboratory and testing facility needed for sand testing to test a type of sand and the contents of the sand. ( read more )....., closed
    13-00922 Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for Chronic ecotoxicity testing on petroleum refinery effluent ( read more )....., closed
    13-00912 Plant Science Environmental Laboratory needed for plant testing: plant analysis for all elements for growth ( read more )....., closed
    13-00888 USA microbiology laboratory needed for Anti-mold products need to pass USA Environmental Protection Agency's EPA regulations of Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, FIFRA. ( read more )....., closed
    13-00864 South Africa environmental laboratory needed for soil testing. Evaluate what elements are leached from a classified soil sample mixed with cement and fly ash over time ( read more )....., closed
    13-00827 Asia, Canada, USA or Europe Environmental laboratory needed for soil testing: Cesium 137 isotope analysis in soils from Thailand. 100 samples of dry fine grained soil, app 3% organic material. ( read more )....., closed
    13-00821 Washington Environmental laboratory needed for Food Processing (Carbohydrates Testing) HPLC Testing: inulin testing from tubers, with HPLC Dionex, degree of polymerization, total inulin content, dry matter content ... ( read more )....., closed
    13-00820 India Accredited Environmental Laboratory needed for ISO 14855 for bio-degradation testing to ISO 14855, Determination of the ultimate aerobic biodegradability of plastic materials under controlled composting conditions -- Method by analysis of evolved carbon dioxide -- Part 1: General method ( read more )....., closed
    13-00803 Toxicology, Bioanalytical and Environmental Laboratory needed for materials testing of face mask material for respirator with the characteristics of dustproof, antibiotics, and antipollution for protection from respiratory hazards, such as chemical and environmental hazards, as well as airborne biohazards. ( read more )....., closed
    13-00791 Environmental microbiology Laboratory needed for water testing facilities living apartments to determine if full system-wide problem or it should show up in all apartments, at least in theory. ( read more )....., closed
    13-00765 Environmental laboratory needed for environmental testing including: Stack Emission Monitoring and Ambient air monitoring ETP Effluent Water Domestic Waste Wat ETP sludge 20 GEP ( read more )....., closed
    13-00735 USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for analytical chemistry Testing of paper backing of Gypsum board for liquid identification, ie, urine or water ( read more )....., closed
    13-00717 South American Environmental Laboratory needed for water testing fo a waterhole. ( read more )....., closed
    13-00715 Metallurgical Laboratory needed for soil testing for gold pres metals. ( read more )....., closed
    13-00712 USA environmental laboratory needed for water testing. Analyze surface water samples for Am-241, Pu-239/240, U-233/234, U-235 and U-238; also gross alpha and gross beta. 6 to 12 samples per year. ( read more )....., closed
    13-00689 Municipality needs Canada environmental laboratory for tree testing. Poplar trees on town property that show symptoms of possible poisoning. ( read more )....., closed
    13-00687 India environmental laboratory needed for soil testing. Need a complete soil analysis done ( read more )....., closed
    13-00656 USA environmental laboratory needed for IEC Testing: IEC 61721-3-3, corrosive gaseous environmental testing ( read more )....., closed
    13-00616 USA environmental toxicology laboratory needed for EPA Six pack toxicology testing for submission to US-EPA ( read more )....., closed
    13-00608 Midwest ENvironmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for environmental swab testing for non-sterile product manufacturing facility ( read more )....., closed
    13-00592 Environmental Laboratory needed for EPA FTP Testing: Emissions Testing for FTP-75 EMISSIONS TESTING - ALTERNATIVE FUELS CD 10 to some catalytics ( read more )....., closed
    13-00586 Colorado Environmental Laboratory needed for Environmental Testing for B.T.E.X and T.P.H, along with other hydrocarbon-bearing information. ( read more )....., closed
    13-00573 Africa environmental laboratory needed for environmental Testing of peat sample in Congo ( read more )....., closed
    13-00567 Environmental Laboratory needed for salt testing of river sand. The sand is to be used for construction purposes in concrete work ( read more )....., closed
    13-00559 USA environmental laboratory needed for water analysis to determine if RO/DI water from our laboratory to assure that it meets Type 2 Standards according to CLSI and ASTM D1193-91. ( read more )....., closed
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