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IMAGE SOURCE:CDC PHIL Technician performing Western Blot testing. Antigens if present will bind and be detected.

Contract has received the following incoming Clinical Laboratory Test Requests which need to be fulfilled ! These Clinical Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational corporations to government agencies actively seeking Clinical laboratories to perform their Clinical laboratory testing and research. If your Clinical Laboratory receives Clinical Test Requests that it can not fulfill, please refer them to us! If you have questions, please e-mail us or call 1-855-377-6821 .

Incoming Clinical Laboratory Test Requests
Clinical Testing or Clinical Research Description
Approval Date
14-00906 Internationally Accepted Accredited Labs China, India, Asia or Europe preclinical laboratory needed for Biocompatibility Testing acc. to ISO 10993 ISO 10993-11 Tests for subchronic Toxicity ISO 10993-6 Implantation, ( read more )..... 08/20/2014 Lab Needed
14-00901 Large healthcare company needs clinical laboratory for blood testing: bioanalytical testing using blood per CLSI EP25-A, EP17-A, EP9-A2, EP05-A2, EP06-A, EP07-A2. ( read more )..... 08/19/2014 Lab Needed
14-00862 India preclinical laboratory needed for preclinical testing to determine if drug is safe for external use in human beings. The testing of the product is to be done on swine for determination of change in clotting time. ( read more )..... 08/11/2014 Lab Needed
14-00851 GLP Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for non-clinical research services. Could be located in NA or India/China. Must be high quality." ( read more )..... 08/07/2014 Lab Needed
14-00820 California Preclinical Laboratory, Contract Research Organization CRO needed for Preclinical testing, biocompatibility, performance and integrity. Acrylic bone cement and mixiing and delivery system ( read more )..... 08/01/2014 Lab Needed
14-00758 Preclinical central laboratory needed for antibiotic study clinical patient testing: Protozoa testing for growth inhibition testing using antibiotics (In vitro) ( read more )..... 07/18/2014 Lab Needed
14-00663 FDA cGMP Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for FDA cGMP testing: Analytical chemistry services: LC-MS-NMR for structural elucidation of bioactive molecules derived from desert medicinal plants ( read more )..... 06/30/2014 Lab Needed
14-00661 INdia Preclinical TOxicology COntract Research Organization needed for ocular drug delivery study. no of sample six...six piece rabbit eye is required..drug testing on occular drug delivary ( read more )..... 06/29/2014 Lab Needed
14-00660 Preclinical Contract Organization (CRO) needed for preclinical testing of antigens, if present in sample of an allogeneic human pharmaceutical Placental Suspension (ph.PS) prepared upon Filatov?s method, which in previous laboratory studies has shown immune reactions against sera of cancer patients. The aim is that your creative team of scientists to initiate a project to design a fair-value proposal that meets the scientific and drug developments needs of a multivalent prophylactic cancer vacci ( read more )..... 06/29/2014 Lab Needed
14-00650 Africa Histology Laboratory needed for histopathology analysis of clinical samples. ( read more )..... 06/26/2014 Lab Needed
14-00558 Large pharma needs US and Canada clinical laboratory for blood testing with validated assay that can run human blood acetaldehyde levels ( read more )..... 06/06/2014 Lab Needed
14-00521 Preclinical Laboratory needed for pharmacokinetic Testing: pKa determinations and redox potentials for organic compounds ( read more )..... 05/29/2014 Lab Needed
14-00516 EMAI FDA GLP Contract Research Organization CRO needed for FDA GLP preclinical toxicology and Immunogenicity studies with primates where our products can be evaluated by IV route, administrated daily during 12 weeks and 4 weeks of recovery period. We want evaluated comparatively two products with two level doses and a control group. The number of animals per group would be 3 animals/sex/group. It would be evaluated Hematology/Biochemistry parameters. Also, we want do toxicokinetics, ( read more )..... 05/29/2014 Lab Needed
14-00508 Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for in vivo testing of peptide with AV activity in plaque assays. We are interested in organ on a chip - or similar, low cost, non-animal testing procedures. I know this is new technology. Is there a laboratory that has it available? ( read more )..... 05/27/2014 Lab Needed
14-00505 USA FDA GLP Contract Research Organization CRO Preclinical Laboratory needed for FDA GLP Preclinical Study: Acrolein (CAS# 107-02-8) - gas phase (heat trap, release) Matrix: Cotton swabs (J&J q tips); cellophane adhesive tape); in tissue (i. epithelial layer, ii. buccal membrane); six different tobacco products (chewing tobacco), organic solvent and DMSO. Benzapyrene (CAS# 50-32-8) ? same matrix as Acroline except for no gas phase (just organic). Also some samples will have 10-20% of ( read more )..... 05/27/2014 Lab Needed
14-00502 USA Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization needed for preclinical study: lung cancer testing dopamine ( via original novel published apparatus system ) - query prevention and treatment effects and statistics or probability of mice acquiring small cell lung cancer( 20% ) vs other lung cancers (80%). ( read more )..... 05/26/2014 Lab Needed
14-00501 US FDA cGMP clinical laboratory needed for bood testing and urinalysis. Osmolality testinng of blood or urine samples ( read more )..... 05/26/2014 Lab Needed
14-00487 India Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for Preclinical studies for DHA Oil ( read more )..... 05/22/2014 Lab Needed
14-00463 North America non-GLP Contract Research Organization CRO needed for non-GLP preclinical studies that can test experimental compounds in the mouse model or unilateral ureteral obstruction" ( read more )..... 05/15/2014 Lab Needed
14-00389 California clinical laboratory for non-GLP research grade analysis of serum testing: coagulation factor tests, coagulation inhibition testing. Screening of human blood serum samples for inhibition of coagulation factors, number of samples: <100 ( read more )..... 04/25/2014 Lab Needed
14-00375 Pharmaceutical manufacturer running Clinical trials for a herbal based product in the USA needs GLP laboratory for GLP testing to determine pesticide residuals, heavy metals, and federalize residuals for three batches of the herbal-extract based product before shipping." ( read more )..... 04/22/2014 Lab Needed
14-00372 Clinical Enviromental Microbiology Laboratory needed for clinical waste testing of spore strips. Similar to spore strip testing, we use a spore suspension into a clinical waste disposal machine and validation is confirmed when a minimum log 4 kill has been confirmed. A waste water test will also need to be carried out for discharge into public sewer with treatment plant. ( read more )..... 04/22/2014 Lab Needed
14-00368 Preclinical Toxicology Laboratory needed for the eye irritation testing on rabbits using Moxifloxacin HCl, one eye drops and to observe for any irritation for 025hr,0.5hr,1,2,3,6,12,18,24,48 &72 hrs , keeping other eye as a control and scoring if any irritation by giving score from 0-4. ( read more )..... 04/20/2014 Lab Needed
animal models for the studies of osteomyelitis ( read more )..... Lab Needed
14-00339 Biopharmaceutical company needs Orthopedic Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO for preclinical testing studies: animal models for preclinical studies of osteomyelitis ( read more )..... 04/15/2014 Lab Needed
14-00327 US GLP Clinical Laboratory needed for clinical urine Analysis of urinary 8-isoprostane F2alpha by LCMSMS. Creatinine also required for normalization. 360 urine samples for testing. Limited volume available: 5 mL/sample" ( read more )..... 04/08/2014 Lab Needed
14-00326 Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for preclinical studies: Cytotoxicity, Sensitization, Hemocompatibility. . ( read more )..... 04/08/2014 Lab Needed
14-00278 Orthopedic Contract Research Organization CRO needed for preclinical study: pre-clinical testing involving the placement of an intramuscular implant into the hamstring of athymic rats followed by a histological analysis for bone formation after 30 days. ( read more )..... 03/28/2014 Lab Needed
14-00270 West coast Clinical Toxicology laboratory needed with LCMS Machine to run UA samples and provide reports.. WE bring approx 1,000 samples ( read more )..... 03/26/2014 Lab Needed
14-00268 Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory needed for clinnical testing for psychiatric care facility that averages about 5-10 labs per week. ( read more )..... 03/26/2014 Lab Needed
14-00227 Clinical laboratory needed for microfilaria testing ( read more )..... 03/15/2014 Lab Needed
14-00205 USA Serology Laboratory needed for clinical testing: serology testing on human skin samples. Samples can be shipped fresh in suspension, or frozen in LN2. EBV (IgG, IgM)CMVHep BHep CHIV ( read more )..... 03/06/2014 Lab Needed
14-00174 Clinical Laboratory needed for clinical study of dental stain blocker with effectiveness testing, safety testing ( read more )..... 02/21/2014 Lab Needed
14-00141 Need qualified testing lab for test on hemolytic blood properties test to ASTM 2524-08 to Determine the amount of nano particle property from test ( read more )..... 02/11/2014 Lab Needed
14-00133 Contract Research Organization CRO needs US Pharmaceutical Central Laboratory for 3 US clinical sites to send clinical samples and then perform cytology (cell count) of 75 slides for vaginal maturation index over a 4-6mo period. Abitlity to process/handle/disseminate deidentified study samples and abiity to get study study results to CRO after slide processed ( read more )..... 02/07/2014 Lab Needed
( read more )..... Lab Needed
14-00128 Egypt or Middle East Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for Multiple Sclerosis Toxicological Study with novel molecule for treatment of multiple sclerosis for FDA approval ( read more )..... 02/06/2014 Lab Needed
14-00117 Mumbai clinical laboratory needed for blood esing: 10 SAMPLES, BLOOD SAMPLE. ( read more )..... 02/05/2014 Lab Needed
14-00113 USA Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for toxicology study. Conduct study involving 4-week exposures to 1 control, 1 positive control, and 3 different (non-volatile) test-chemical diets, using groups of 6 transgenic F344 rats and 6 transgenic B6C3F1 rats. Quantify corresponding rates of mutation in 4 target tissues: liver hepatocytes, kidney (cortical cells and tubular epithelial cells), and bladder epithelial cells. in vivo GLP mutagenicity studies, (Big Blue) rat & (Muta-) m ( read more )..... 02/04/2014 Lab Needed
14-00094 San Diego Clinical Laboratory needed for blood testing. in vitro/ RAST/ IgE for Mold antibody blood test,results for the 15 most common molds and Stachyletrys. Our home is infested with mold and we were told to find what specific kind of mold is making us sick in our blood. ( read more )..... 01/30/2014 Lab Needed
14-00086 Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Serum Testing for random vancomycin concentration in serum. Produce is non-clinical research sample (24 sample). Require using Synchron LX Beckman Platform ( read more )..... 01/28/2014 Lab Needed
14-00041 Consumer Products Microbiology Laboratory needed for anti-fungal microbiology testing: non-clinical studies for 3 anti-fungal projects, including time and cost evaluations. These studies will need to include candidate treatment screening, MIC determination, and synergy studies with preexisting drug treatments. Microbes include Trichophyton rubrum, Malasezzia globosa, and Candida albicans. If possible, I will need a response before 11am ET. Thank you. ( read more )..... 01/14/2014 Lab Needed
14-00016 Chennai clinical toxicology laboratory needed for Urine testing ( read more )..... 01/07/2014 Lab Needed
14-00011 AALAC, FDA, GLP Pharmaceutical Toxicology Preclinical Laboratory needed for FDA GLP Toxicology Studies: Ototoxicity study (GLP) Required test : Ototoxicity evaluation of a test article(ear drops agent)administrated bid for 28 days via implanted catheter connected with middle ear in chincillas or any other animals. (*** exception of guinea pigs) ( read more )..... 01/07/2014 Lab Needed
13-01666 USA or Asia FDA GMP Preclinical Laboratory needed for preclinical testing: nose filler - strontium hydroxyapatite 1. MTT assay on human epithelial fibroblast 2. in vivo testing on rabbit frontal sinus ( read more )..... 12/31/2013 Lab Needed
13-01654 Clinical Laboratory needed for clinical skin testing: skin biopsy samples for collagen and elastin changes. The test result can be reported as positive or negative. Also please let me know the price of each test. ( read more )..... 12/26/2013 Lab Needed
13-01649 Pharmaceutical Preclinical Laboratory needed for preclinical testing: tests three skin treatments to qualify for National Eczema Assn. Seal of Acceptance: 1. Repeated Insult Patch test 2. Cumulative Irritation Test 3. Photo Toxicity Test 4. Stability Test ( read more )..... 12/26/2013 Lab Needed
13-01623 Africa preclinical laboratory needed for preclinical testing: Medical Research-Nuclear Extracts and Serum samples. There would be need for ice pack ( read more )..... 12/16/2013 Lab Needed
13-01613 FDA GMP Preclinical Laboratory needed for FDA Preclinical testing. Dental implants to be implanted in non-human primates in the mouth. ( read more )..... 12/12/2013 Lab Needed
13-01594 USA clinical laboratory needed for HIV plasma testing: detect virus in human plasma using TEM Need to visualize HIV particles in human plasma using TEM to correlate with viral load measurements. Must detect HIV by size and morphology only. Have successfully used TEM to detect two different clones of HIV added to plasma at concentrations of 1 million particles/ml and above. Must be able to detect virus at concentrations typical of viral load numbers, which range from 10 to 1000-fold below the pra ( read more )..... 12/07/2013 Lab Needed
13-01563 USA CRO, Preclinical Laboratory for preclinical pharmaceutical compound testing Non-clinical study in vitro testing. Compounds testing in human macrophage/neutrophil/lymphocytes cell lines cultures for chemokines/cytokines secretions and or gene expressions ( read more )..... 11/26/2013 Lab Needed
13-01520 California Laboratory needed for All clinical laboratory testing for a mobile phlebotomy startup. ALL clinical lab testing from ABG, stool, wound cultures to all blood tests available for doctors ( read more )..... 11/14/2013 Lab Needed
13-01499 FDA GMP Clinical Bioanalytical laboratory needed for GMP blood testing: Blood General: Blood Count, Transaminase, Gamma GT, Glycemia, Creatinine, Azotemia, Cholesterol, Triglycerid, Bilirubin, LH, Testosterone. Urine Drug Screen: Opiate, Cocaine metabolitem Cannabinoid, Amphetamine, Metadone, MDMA, Urine Creatinine. Biological Monitoring of Solvent: Methanol, Dichloromethane, Acetone, Toluene Metabolite, Benzene, urine Creatinine. ( read more )..... 11/11/2013 Lab Needed
13-01466 FDA GMP North Carolina preclinical CRO, contract research organization needed for FDA preclinical study: ELISA testing for tissue levels of Avastin and Lucentis monoclonal antibodies. 100 samples ( read more )..... 10/31/2013 Lab Needed
13-01458 OECD GLP Bioaalytical Preclinical Laboratory needed for pharmaceutical preclinical plasma testing: Analysis of , B2M, neopterin, 2'5'-OAS and ADA, biosimilar INF-alfa in blood plasma samples (human and animal samples). Validation according EMA guidelines. ( read more )..... 10/30/2013 Lab Needed
13-01431 Middle East Clinical Laboratory needed for plasma protein testing ( Plasma ) ( read more )..... 10/23/2013 Lab Needed
13-01416 Preclinical Laboratory needed for non-GLP preclinical studies: in vitro testing and in vivo testing (rodents only) cancer, autoimmune, inflammation ( read more )..... 10/18/2013 Lab Needed
( read more )..... Lab Needed
13-01412 California Clinical Laboratory needed for clinical testing: Blood Testing for Blood circulation and lactic acid level ( read more )..... 10/17/2013 Lab Needed
Vaccine efficacy testing, Vaccination Immune response and pathogen identification (SBA, OPA, ELISA, NEUTRALIZATION, HEMAGGLUTINATION, PCR & ELISA) ( read more )..... Lab Needed
13-01386 FDA GLP Preclinical CRO Contract Research Organization needed for Preclinical GLP Porcine Survivor Study Study needed observing pig survival over 10 days after vaporization/ablation on the bowel serosa. Probably a relatively few number of pigs needed. ( read more )..... 10/13/2013 Lab Needed
13-01368 Pennsylvania Clinical Laboratory needed for serum testing for Serum EP ( read more )..... 10/09/2013 Lab Needed
13-01355 Virginia Laboratory or North Carolina Laboratory needed for clinical testing. Testing done for criminal trial to connect strands of Genital Warts from assaulter to the victim. " ( read more )..... 10/07/2013 Lab Needed
13-01342 NABL India Preciical Laboratory needed for preclinical study: ionophoretic transdermal patch.we want to test the performance of that transdermal patch. ( read more )..... 10/03/2013 Lab Needed
13-01331 India FDA GMP preclinical laboratory needed for preclinical studies. Ex-Vivo Study (Macrophage uptake studies , MTT and apoptosis assay for cytotoxicity) using FACS analysis of polymers based drug delivery systems for development of oral delivery of proteins/ peptidal drugs. . ( read more )..... 09/30/2013 Lab Needed
13-01311 US CLIA / CAP clinical laboratory needed for serum testing: LC MS/MS testing for specific proteins in serum for use as a diagnostic test. ( read more )..... 09/27/2013 Lab Needed
13-01308 Preclinical contract research organization needed for preclinical study with Model of anaphylactic shock in rats ( read more )..... 09/26/2013 Lab Needed
13-01276 USA Clinical Laboratory needed for Clinical testing for efficacy of potato-based resistant starches and resistant oligosacharrides as dietary fibers in human food products ( read more )..... 09/18/2013 Lab Needed
13-01191 Preclinical Laboratory needed for preclinical studies: sublingual preclinical testing. ( read more )..... 08/28/2013 closed
13-01145 Preclinical microbiology laboratory needed for viral testing on cell lines. Cell Line testing includes Viral screening of human mesenchymal stromal cell line that will be administered to patients with stroke for a Master Cell Bank. Viral screens on the cells: HBV, HCV, HIV 1&2, Parvovirus B19, CMV, HHV 6/7/8 and HTLV 1&2? ( read more )..... 08/20/2013 closed
13-01141 Life Sciences laboratory needed for protein testing. Bioanalytical laboratory will need to load small immunoaffinity columns that I will provide with a specific protein antibody that either I can provide or I can give the supplier and product number. I need approximately ten columns loaded for a pre-clinical study. ( read more )..... 08/19/2013 closed
13-01128 Clinical Laboratory needed for clinical testing. hair tests (heavy metals and toxins. Rates, expedite, schedule. email: phonenumber: address: ( read more )..... 08/14/2013 closed
13-01122 Toronto Preclinical Laboratory needed for preclinical study testing: Cell Culture Human pulmonary carcinoid cancer cell lines (H727 and H720) will be maintained in RPMI 1640 and supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum, 100 IU/mL penicillin and 100ug/ml streptomycin, sodium pyruvate, D-glucose, 10mM HEPES. The cell lines will be maintained at 37C in 5% CO2 and 95% air. Cellular Proliferation Cellular proliferation will be assessed with 3-[4.5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl]-2,5 diphenyl tetrazolium ( read more )..... 08/14/2013 closed
13-01114 Contract Research Organization, Preclinical Laboratory needed for preclinical study: Animal Model of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) on SD Rat induceted by monocrotaline ( read more )..... 08/13/2013 closed
13-01093 Europe Preclinical Laboratory, Contract Research Organization CRO needed for preclinical study of Hepatoprotective effect, model of paracetamol-induced liver damage. Follow-up for one month with full range of observation tests (morphology, histology, biochemistry). One test sample, water solution, parenteral injections. No special storage or handling requirements. ( read more )..... 08/06/2013 closed
13-01081 India preclinical laboratory needed for preclinical testing: in vitro testing for anti HBV and HCV property One sample with potential anti viral property of a compound to be tested against HBV and HCV. ( read more )..... 08/03/2013 closed
Sanitary napkins to be tested and certified. ( read more )..... Lab Needed
13-01047 USA preclinical laboratory needed for kidney surgical testing. Post kidney removal testing with high reactivity carbon mixture (HRCM, or graphene) in rats. ( read more )..... 07/26/2013 closed
13-01043 FDA GMP Preclinical Laboratory Contract Research Organization needed for FDA GMP Preclinical Study: Preclinical Testing of somatropin in hypophysectomised rats ( read more )..... 07/25/2013 closed
13-01021 Europe Preclinical Toxicology Laboratory needed for Sensitization Testing , according to 11979-5, applied to intraocular lenses ( read more )..... 07/22/2013 closed
13-00980 Preclinical Laboratory Contract Research Organization CRO needed for preclinical study on Ovalbumin induced asthma model for testing novel antibodies ( read more )..... 07/08/2013 closed
13-00979 India clinical microbiology laboratory needed for urine testing ( read more )..... 07/08/2013 closed
13-00974 India preclinical contract research organization needed for preclinical study testing: Animal experiment for wound healing ( read more )..... 07/07/2013 closed
13-00973 United Kingdom Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for preclinical study of Transgenic mice (Tg2576) chronic studies -Alzheimer's application ( read more )..... 07/04/2013 closed
13-00962 European Union or US Preclinical Laboratory, CRO Contract Research Organization needed for preclinical study with Validated rat bleomycin lung model needed. Compound dosing required. ( read more )..... 07/01/2013 closed
13-00952 Clinical Laboratory needed for plasma testing for primaquine plasma levels ( read more )..... 06/27/2013 closed
13-00943 Canada Clinical Microbiology Laboratory needed for semen testing Chlamydia Culture and general semen culture on previously frozen donor sperm. Swabbed at our location and shipped. ( read more )..... 06/25/2013 closed
13-00919 Middle East / Egypt clinical laboratory needed for serology testing: full serology (to serotype isolates)in Egypt ( read more )..... 06/18/2013 closed
13-00916 Toronto Clinical Toxicology laboratory needed for blood testing to review/test blood and urine samples, taken during a autopsy,alcohol levels. ( read more )..... 06/14/2013 closed
13-00903 Georgia Clinical Laboratory needed for Pharmacoagenomics Testing: DME testing in physician's offices. ( read more )..... 06/11/2013 closed
13-00885 Hospital Pathology Laboratory needs clinical laboratory for viral testing: Hiv resistance testing ( read more )..... 06/04/2013 closed
13-00856 USA Clinical Laboratory needed for concentratd urine testing: heat of vaporization testing, specific heat testing, and thermal conductivity testing ( read more )..... 05/29/2013 closed
13-00851 USA Preclinical CRO contract research organization needed with expertise in various animal models of tissue ischemia, traumatic brain injury and critical limb ischemia. ( read more )..... 05/28/2013 closed
13-00849 USA or Europe Clinical Laboratory needed for Clinical Testing: Plaque Reduction Neutralization Testing. Laboratory needs to be experienced in performing PRNT ( read more )..... 05/27/2013 closed
13-00800 USA or Europe Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for non-GLP Study: Fluorescence microscopy. Fluorescence density in lung and spleen from mice. The mice have been injected with fluorescence labelled erytrocytes and the intention is to investigate trapping of these cells in spleen and lung. ( read more )..... 05/16/2013 closed
13-00773 Eastern USA FDA GLP-compliant preclinical laboratory needed to perform pre-clinical research using an in vitro micronucleus assay using human peripherical blood lymphoctes. ( read more )..... 05/08/2013 closed
13-00746 India clinical contract research organization CRO needed for clinical study. Evaluating the anti-acne activity of herbal extract ( read more )..... 05/04/2013 closed
13-00741 FDA GLP or non-GLP clinical contract research organization needed for clinical testing: Human wheal and flare test for novel transdermal method of administrations of standard anti inflammatory agents ( read more )..... 05/03/2013 closed
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