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          BIS Laboratories  

    Arbro Pharmaceutical Limited


    Baygen Laboratory and Health Services




    Choksi Laboratories Limited


    Clinical Trials Laboratory Services Ltd.


    Jai Research Foundation


    Microchem Laboratories Inc.


    MVTL Laboratories, Inc.


    Shubhda Research Institute (SRI)


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    Need laboratory services in such as GMP, GLP, GCP, ISO quality auditing, consulting, training, engineering, architecture, laboratory construction, laboratory design, laboratory renovation, logistics, synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, packaging, sterilization, hazardous waste removal, remediation, statistics, industrial hygiene, lab safety, validation, certification, research and development (R&D)calibration, maintenance, project management, repair, statistics, scientific reviews, expert witnesses, legal, financial, IT, exporting, importing, shipping, etc? outsource consultants, engineers, architects, contractors in specializing in laboratories. Submit Laboratory Services Requests at no charge!
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    Does your company provide services to laboratories in BIS? Laboratory consultants, engineers and laboratory service providers, increase your BIS laboratory sales.
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    Need to outsource new, used, refurbished or surplus laboratory equipment, laboratory instruments or laboratory supplies in BIS such as laboratory software, LIMS, HPLC,TEM, GC-MS, cell lines, disposables, clean rooms, labware, lab glassware, TEM, test kits, microscopes, spectrophotmeters, reference materials, pipettors, lab furnishings, lighting, document management systems, software, computers, cultures, standards, reference materials, industry reports, databases, separation systems, environmental chambers, water systems, systems, centrifuges, balances, laboratory standards, controls, disposables, cell lines, media, reagents, biochemicals, chemicals,or other laboratory supplies or lab products?
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          investigations, formulations, synthesis, cultures, imaging, examinations, technology transfer, product design, product development, engineering, failure analysis


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